initiating these women into the world of somatic sexology & quantum bodywork was my own kind of initiation

Feb 15, 2022

pinching myself!! the first *in person* IN THE FLESH Mystery School event was beyond words. initiating these women into the world of somatic sexology & quantum bodywork was my own kind of initiation.

and at the same time it felt so easy, natural..& like i had been doing it for lifetimes.

their reflections that ‘this work is going to change the world’ bursts my flipping heart open. everything changed for me when i landed in this work & world.

& i know it’s changing everything for them..i’m watching them transform before my very eyes, in every single segment.

it’s so simple, yet so in depth..& so profound.

feeling into the ripple effect this is having in the world makes me feel so hopeful. leaders create leaders. & women together are so fucking unstoppable.

honored to be a guide for these pu$$y priestesses. thank goddess for bringing us back together in this lifetime - we have danced in the sun so many times before ‍

if you feel the...

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life is...different

Feb 07, 2022

yesterday after a fun photoshoot with the best in town @jamesreimanphoto (gold, snow, fur - can’t wait to show you the juice)

@therealsimplyoli & i chatted about how much we’ve changed over the last year + how different our lives feel..


…were my reflections

it feels…different…

i’m making more money, attracting the most badass, aligned clients‍, running a 10 month Somatic Sexology Mystery School + 6figure coaching clients, doing less & less & less in my biz, traveling more , investing more

..loving more
..holding WAY more

the ‘different’ i from not having MY actual hands in all of the active, ongoing projects

or showcasing it to the world in ways i’m used to

i’m a highly creative, innovative, MG, enneagram 7, virgo sun with a rising libra & about 4 planets in leo

— my pu$$Y vageniussss be big (but not any bigger than yours ) who has a lotta energy + spits out ideas...

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i am not a woman of ‘this or that’

Feb 05, 2022

running a multi6fig biz (& on the way to your dillion’s & zillions) doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time.

…just like being a leader doesn’t mean you have to drop your $exy

on a mastermind call this morning i shared…

“i am the leader & the damsel’


i am not a woman of ‘this or that’

…& neither are you.

the voice inside your head..that tells you to choose..between..

loud or loved
messy or successful
independent or cared for
rich bitch or friendless

is lying.

& it’s not your voice.

when you hear it, that’s when you call on your tools (plea$ure x pu$$y)

+ your sisters.

that is your medicine.
that is your truth.
that is your essence.

…you are so profound.

don’t forget it

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feeding the desires of my inner child

Feb 03, 2022

i’ve been on the slopes since i was 4. such a little daredevil i was..straight down the mountain i’d go, without breaking or fear

i lovedd it. outside of the boot pain & numb toes the hats my brother & dad used to wear were my favorite part…

the pom pom ones especially because they reminded me of the scene from Little Nicky where he grows tatas on his head & needs a headbra

…everyone on the mountain instantly had headbrea$ts from that moment on

but somewhere around 20, i stopped going.

my little girl has been so incredibly present these last 2 months. she’s been crying out, needing to be held, seen, & loved…xxtra xxtra

i had a whole open weekend to myself a few weeks ago so i dedicated it to her play & fun

i started with a shopping spree for the best ski suits & gear our family trip at the beginning of each season was a highlight - picking out goggles & getting to play with the balance boards as they sized us.

i got to...

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Podcast Episode # 311 - Embracing and Embodying Divine Masculine

Jan 31, 2022

Today’s live coaching call is with Tyler @tylerwaynejourneys. He shares his desire to finally step into his true divine masculine, and what insecurities and
Like many men, Tyler wants to embrace all facets of his masculinity, but feels as if he isn’t ready. We can all relate to the struggle of demystifying and detangling true, spiritual masculinity from the version of masculine energy that’s presented to us in TV, movies, and social media. Whether messaging tips to one extreme or the other, identifying a true divine masculine role model can be challenging–and living up the blueprint can be even harder.
In this episode, Julianne and Tyler get to the route of what’s stopping Tyler from becoming his ideal divine masculine and accomplishing and creating all he seeks using DYAD. They identify feelings of fear, disconnection, and betrayal related to Tyler’s experience with divine feminine, and focus on self trust, cutting cords, and letting go of...

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sunday mood

Jan 30, 2022

watch HERE

sunday mood



hope you’re
soaking up
some fun

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i celebrate us.

Jan 29, 2022

i celebrate us.
i celebrate our highs.
i celebrate our lows.
i celebrate our growth.
i celebrate our resistance.
i celebrate every magical moment shared.
i celebrate every heart wrenching fight.
i celebrate our willingness.
i celebrate our communication.
i celebrate our selflessness.
i celebrate our selfishness.
i celebrate our laughter.
i celebrate our wit.
i celebrate our shadows.
i celebrate our listening.
i celebrate our fire.
i celebrate our journey.
i celebrate our hearts.
i celebrate our passion.
i celebrate our adventures.
i celebrate our playfulness.
i celebrate our strength.
i celebrate our softness.
i celebrate our joy.
i celebrate our $ex.
i celebrate our celebrations.
i celebrate our love.

…i celebrate us.

happy 1 year & 12 days @pd215  this year gon be a b i g one

watch HERE

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coming back fresh from a social media break with a special @trppodcast for you

Jan 25, 2022

coming back fresh from a social media break with a special @trppodcast for you

a tender solocast about a ski accident + knee injury when i took my inner child out for a play day last week

i show you my process - no edits, no sugar coating, no hiding - what it really looks like bts of being a conscious human in conscious partnership…

messy but the besty

tune in for a listen that is bound to speak directly to your inner child

also…can’t believe we’re already at 310 episodes

i’m recording coaching calls with chosen @trppodcast listeners all week to be aired over the next few months

want to apply? message me ‘RP COACHING’

& as always…

when you leave @trppodcast an iTunes review - i gift you a Somatic Embodiment Mediation just dm me with the screenshot & we’ll hook you up!

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massive expansion in the J Biz world & social media break

Jan 20, 2022

wow. December & January have been massive months of fasttttttt expansion. we hit outrageous milestones in biz…75 + 100k 1:1 client enrollments….& IN THE FLESH Mystery School weekends are flying by with the first in person event in Encinitas in 3 WEEKS!

i want to share all of the incredibleness that is happening in my world - because it’s far beyond these numbers & there’s so much bts - & at the same time, my inner being is asking me to soak every second of it up…without sharing (just yet)

so…i’ll be social media breaking until Monday & soaking up the Colorado winter with solo skiing, friends & Goddess tings

watch HERE

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a profound mushroom journey

Jan 11, 2022

i welcomed in the new year with a mushroom ceremony that graciously gave me more than i expected

watch HERE

i was taken to the writing of my soul contract (there were aliens)

& my birth into this world

it was so beautiful

& also

so heart wrenching

(how could it ever be one without the other )

i was resistant

not in ceremony

but in coming to this world

i had a somatic $ex bod session in Sept which helped move me through what felt like one of my biggest contractions (bc of deeply how i surrendered)…& it was the same theme

resistance to this world… to the 3D

over the last 1.5 years

i’ve watched not only myself but so many of my clients & friends move through similar icky-in between-stuckness

the…i don’t wanna get up & fight…i don’t wanna be here in this body…i don’t wanna do it

i hear…see…feel you

some people want ‘more’ - more money, bigger biz, more lovers, hotter $ex, wider impact, more...

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