Winter reminds me to love my little girl & her body more than other seasons

Dec 30, 2022

Winter reminds me to love my little girl & her body more than other seasons

Whenever it gets cold outside & I have to bundle up with extra layers…I feel myself get squirmy

It’s been more prominent this winter..her call louder & loving

It feels like the space of the land & the love in my partnership opens the space for more feeling clearing healing as time goes by

I remember the ski trips with my family, being dressed in big puffers & thick layers

..even at that time I was aware of body size & how much space I took up

I used to be so uncomfortable in those get ups

Wanting to rip everything off & keep everything tight

All of the messages I received were that women dislike their body..I hadn’t seen a women embrace her size & shape

My little ones calls back to my body this season have left me with a smile..

Because I know how to meet her..hold her..& whisper sweet reminders of who she really is


Her body, the vessel that holds...

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POV: you get snowed in

Dec 29, 2022

POV: you get snowed in at your new mountain home with your man, 3 dogs, no generator & new snowshoes! but also have you ever had to poop in a bag in your own bathroom  @venusvalleyboulder 

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Softening has been my greatest edge…

Dec 29, 2022

Softening has been my greatest edge…

along my journey in healing trauma, reconnecting with my body & p$$y, deepening in relationship, & doing business from the feminine.

At every new level, there She is again…

Showing me new places to let go even more..reveal more of my true, tender self..& lead with my heart

A sweet, sweet medicine

*Wherever we are tightly holding, whatever we are protecting or avoiding*

…holds BIG energy & BIG potential!

Underneath that layer, is more…YOU!

Through that portal…is higher consciousness & deeper awareness

In that place..we are the most FREE

That's what I want for you…

The safe, supportive freedom in your body to CHOOSE… your heart, your softness… when life gets hard, when you have those on-your-knees moments & everything in between

I want you to have

The tools & the bandwidth in your nervous system to drop into what’s really happening in your body

To be able transmute &...

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When Congruency creates Quantum Transformation 🤤

Dec 28, 2022

Watch the video HERE

Sharing the details of my first 2 day couples immersion with my man! We totally* LOL found the places I/me/we were out of congruency & brought us into alignment.

PHEW!! So much energy, freedom & aliveness in my body. You can feel it. It’s palpable - that’s what congruency does for our system.

I’m the type of coach (& client) that likes to get ALL up in it. Like I want the deep dives. The real systemic cellular change***

We do that with immersions & immersive experiences!

Join me January 7th for CONGRUENCE (my first mini immersion of the year!) to give you the incredible tools of finding SOMATIC ALIGNMENT

You already know it in the mind

Let’s get it in the body with p$$y, pl€@$ure & play.

Message me for the link to claim your spot.

I want you, you & YOU to have these tools & support




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Heart Openers for you daily pleasure breaks

Dec 26, 2022

Watch HERE

Female Entrepreneurs- don’t forget your PL€@$ure BREAKS!

information available to you/ from you
access to your intuition
capacity in your body
energy for your creations
cellular healing
optimal function = reaching our human potential

It’s all in service to you & your desires.

Cold little heart? Let’s warm & soften her at @venusvalleyboulder with high end high touch (literally)

Enrolling 1:1 Mentorship/Coaching & Somatic $€xological Bodywork in 6 & 12 month containers (BOTH IN PERSON & VIRTUAL AT @Venusvalleyboulder)

Imagine the rocket-ship of growth you & your biz would have by letting go of the stuck dense heavy energy from the past AND radically opening your heart & $€x - cuz MONEY is the same energy

This is how my clients reach their body, financial & love goals - by working with the deep mystery & medicine of their body

Message me for 1:1 app

(Shown: my favorite toys for...

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How much has your need to get everything right & perfect prevented you from being a well paid, well fucked women?

Dec 25, 2022

Waking up to the sounds of the winds…

No alarm needed

Just the early morning silence & stillness in the valley

The call of dawn teasing me out of my soft, furry duvet covered king

I king

Grab my headphones & mindfold

Head to the cozy sunshine yellow nook..right next to the masonry fireplace..

I pause at my altar

Talismans & anchors from incredible healers & experiences all over the world


As I cover myself with one of my favorite blankets & lay my head

Dispenza fills my ears

It was just this past summer we got to meet for the first time

45 min later…

“How much has your need to get everything right & perfect prevented you from being a well paid, well fucked women?”

Memories of xmas’ past…

Alone in myself, alone with my drug addictions, alone in the bathroom

Feeling her pain..struggle..defiance

2018 Julianne comes in

Walking up her brothers apartment stairs

Voice noting her bestie

“I’m down to 1 cc &...

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Holiday celebrations at Venus Valley Boulder

Dec 23, 2022

What a low of -15 & high of -2 degrees looks like at @venusvalleyboulder  Someone told me they thought I was in a vacation home nah we bought this bishhh!

Since landing here late October, I’ve been moving with the sun & laying by the moon My body is lovinggggg mountain life with slow quiet still mornings & early dark restful cozy nights. And, I’m so madly in love with our animals.

Today starts the celebrations. This is our first year hosting & we’re doing it right with a fancy printed menu, name card holders, spiral candles & all the tinsel!! Some of my favorite memories are the food. Which is so funny to me considering my history with food! Thank you somatics & $€x

This years traditions include our classic Polish pierogi course recipe from my Polish grandmother with a hidden penny inside (whoever gets it wins good luck for the year which p.s. I got it for 2022 & shit was so fucking expansive & contractive at the same...

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A vulnerable share & normalizing intimacy not feeling safe

Dec 22, 2022
Back in the day, I'd prefer to have $ex with random men I'd never see again than men I'd have to...
While I was conscious of this choice
It didn't feel like something I had conscious control over
In fact, I knew something was backwards....but I didn't know what to do about it
At that time, I wasn't thinking about safety the way I do now...
Safety then was about not getting pregnant, an STI or abducted
Safety now is about attunement
These intimacy issues I walked with, was a result of childhood abuse & trauma
And while deep down I knew this, my family system continued to teach & show me that physical violence & emotional abuse was not just normal, but deeply intertwined with 'love' & 'protection'
When I eventually left that system & culture, I grew to understand why I felt what I did & did what I did. 
An abusive relationship + nonconsensual pregnancy,...
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TRPP Episode 336: Gender Ecstasy with GG & E

Dec 20, 2022

Watch a sneak peek HERE

Today Julianne is joined by Ephraim Mallery (all pronouns) and Gina “GG” Garris (she/they). Together, the three of them dive into Ephraim and GG’s gender journeys in their spiritual practice, their relationship, and their lives. GG and Ephraim are all about ecstacy and exploration, and the path they take us on is one of love.Some of us are very comfortable in the wholeness of being entirely one thing, while it makes others feel small, shameful, and fractured. This episode takes a new perspective on genderqueer identities and individuals who rise above binary and polarity. For some, this is the best way to truly connect with pleasure. 
GG also shares her favorite prayer to inspire a practice of radical gratitude. The answer to your gender journey is within you because we are the medicine that heals us and makes us whole.

Key topics of today’s episode:
Gender is a journey
You are the medicine
Give yourself permission to look...

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