i always include TEAM JUICE in the conversation in workshop & retreat space

Mar 12, 2022

i always include TEAM JUICE in the conversation in workshop & retreat space.

asking them for their insights & learnings..reflections & voice

& every time i do, i hear a voice say “but don’t you think the ones paying want all of the space for themselves & don’t want to share the time”

for some odd reason (the patriarchy) even though it’s a practiced choice, it’s a juncture i pause at..every time..

to go against the grain…to give up the metrics & greed..to act & choose with the energy of the mother..to be so different from what the mainstream society voice says, or at least the one i heard growing up & now hear in my head

i still fear the energy of the mother sometimes. because it’s so big, so beautiful, so pure, so dense, so full, so rich, so much care. so unconditional. so giving. so willing to give her last.

so attuned.

so..nothing ‘to fear but fear itself.’

“of course. of course, they, we, i...

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containers in my world

Mar 11, 2022





…a deliciously slow 6 month container…

to remember your wholeness & what it means to be alive

*coming oh so soon*

but first…

i have 3 days
with my IN THE FLESH
Pu$$y Priestesses

IN THE FLESH is my 10 month facilitator training for somatic sexology, quantum bodywork, embodiment & the erotic blueprints

its half virtual. half in person.

we’re already 4 months into this cohort…& i can’t believeeee it’s going so quickly

soaking up every moment with these Queens who are so erotically passionate to change the world through $exual healing

…we’ll be re-enrolling in the fall!

if you wanna be on the waitlist, dm me ‘ITF WAITLIST’ & i’ll send it over

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a homeplay practice

Mar 08, 2022

a homeplay practice i offered my 1:1 client last week was a combination of something i created for myself + inspired by a gf ‍

*a movement bowl*

grab a bowl. fill it with tiny slips of paper with one written practice per sheet. when you hear your body’s ask for movement, go to your bowl & grab a ticket

…you can make it a themed bowl. or general!

i made one for post op: *love i can offer my body that won’t bother my knee!*

(i.e. use my rolling pin to roll my IT band & TFL, yoga blocks to open my heart center, dancing in a seated position, laying on foam roller opening shoulders & chest, castor oil packs for hip, starfish on fluffy rugs!)

love this hack to just get into the body without having to *think* about it

what will you create a bowl for?! this can be made k!nky for sure

read quote HERE

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a letter to my sweet right side…

Mar 03, 2022

a letter to my sweet right side…

you have held me for so long.

through the hardest & softest of times.

working so hard to stay alert, protect & keep safe.

as this chapter closes, & we start a new one together, know that the rest of us can hold you.


we don’t have to go any faster than our slowest parts.

(thank you for that, Jaiya)

i’ll meet a new version of my body today.

Julianne 3.0

i’m grateful to you, 2.0

…we’ve done a lot of crazy shit together.

i can’t wait to see where we go & what we create next.

i love you, body.

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my Highest Goddess led me here

Feb 28, 2022

watch HERE

it feels like a really strong layer of protection is being taken off with this knee surgery.

not by choice, but by chance.

and, i know i’m ready because the path has presented itself.

my Highest Goddess led me here.

i’m getting the opportunity to rewrite the story with movement & fitness.

…to go on a new, intimate journey with my body.

it’s an honor.

and, i’ve been so fucking scared to let go.

to give this up.
to release this part of me.
this part that has created such beautiful protection.

what if it doesn’t come back?
what if it looks different?

(oh, but what if it does?…different x evolved)

this layer, off…

feels vulnerable.

this layer, off…

(also) brings excitement.

for the new.
for the next.

for the wiser, softer me.

both exist.
both realities alive in my body.

i meet myself, here.

i meet the grief.
i meet the sorrow.
i meet the pain.
i meet the fear.

i meet myself, here.

i be..with my humanness.

over..& over..again.

trusting my...

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our role as a coach + guide

Feb 26, 2022

our role as a coach + guide, is to find where somebody is hiding & protecting…to then support them in opening to what’s underneath

…to feel what’s there, & bring deep approval…

it’s our role to invite them into the places that hold great charge, the areas that house trapped energy

…so they can use it to harness their full power & creations into this world…

follow what’s alive


bring them to the places they don’t want to go.

see them there.
approve of them.
love them deeply.

& watch the energy transmute.

see before your very eyes,
something..someone…made new

in 4 short weeks…i’ll be hosting a *Permission For Pleasure* virtual event, kicking off the relaunch of my 8 module signature program called Awaken Your Divine Feminine - stay tuned

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reflections from an Erotic Blueprint workshop

Feb 23, 2022

reflecting on the groups biggest takeaways from the Erotic Blueprint Workshop yesterday with @hey_birdie_co at @pachahouse_denver

…really had me feeling into…

*Pleasure as the Rebellion*

the biggest obstacles i hear to pleasure..are usually time & distractions

but as *real* as they are…they also, are not

…the thought that doing is more important than being…

…the shoulds & shouldnts that call our attention away from the present moment…

…the obsession with having everything finished, organized, cleaned - ‘perrrrfect’…

…this idea that there is not enough time or energy for pleasure…

…the push for ‘more more more’ at the COST of our earth & our people…

are just narratives from the patriarchal system we’ve lived in for centuries

*it is ENGRAINED in us*

& they loveeeeeeeeeee it for them

when we our disconnected from our bodies & pleasure…


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the magic of unconditional love & devotional energy - results always follow πŸ’«

Feb 22, 2022

the magic of unconditional love & devotional energy - results always follow

watch the live HERE

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evidence that… i can do less, be more, & still have a large x powerful effect

Feb 20, 2022

photoshoots are one of my favorite places for evidence that…

i can do less, be more, & still have a large x powerful effect

that my beauty & radiance just *is*…without having to over perform or over pose

…that my mere existence is *enough*

after years spent in the fitness industry & diet culture, working with hundreds of women with eating disorders & body dysmorphia (myself included)— BEing this way is a revolt

it is a stand for w o m a n

…a stand against media, marketing & messages - that say we must clean our nails, comb our hair, shave our body & hide our pores

after every retreat & in person event, i am so extra FULL of love for WOMAN

..because for those few sacred days spent together, there was enough safety to dissolve guards & walls to love…

allowing me/her to really see + love + receive her/me, in all her blemishes & imperfections…

*in awe of the creation before me*

every *body* so unique, brilliant...

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Feb 16, 2022

i brag my little love munchkin & our special mama-son bond

i brag my man cared for the weenies while i was away leading IN THE FLESH Mystery School

….& he even walked them in the *stroller* (swipe for proof!)

i brag i’m scheduled for ACL surgery in 2 weeks & i’m handling it like a graceful warrior goddess‍

i brag my & set the intention for booty gains during recovery

i brag my stable, abundant business & the ability to pay this unexpected expense out of pocket in full

i brag Mystery School students & their support in shifting weekends so i can take care of my knee

i brag Mystery School students (literally all fucking day you pu$$y priestess rock$tars) handling the first in-person retreat like the heal[h]ers they *are*

….touching body’s & vulvas for the first time in this way magic magic magic mirrors

i brag scheduling a special *bonus call* with my 1:1s to build sisterhood, create ritual & love on each other

i brag my...

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