massive expansion in the J Biz world & social media break

Jan 20, 2022

wow. December & January have been massive months of fasttttttt expansion. we hit outrageous milestones in biz…75 + 100k 1:1 client enrollments….& IN THE FLESH Mystery School weekends are flying by with the first in person event in Encinitas in 3 WEEKS!

i want to share all of the incredibleness that is happening in my world - because it’s far beyond these numbers & there’s so much bts - & at the same time, my inner being is asking me to soak every second of it up…without sharing (just yet😽)

so…i’ll be social media breaking until Monday & soaking up the Colorado winter with solo skiing, friends & Goddess tings ❄️💃🏼 💋

watch HERE


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