E C S T A S Y is not limited to B L I S S

Apr 15, 2021

It’s in everything

Even anger

Anger x rage are some of the more challenging emotions I see humans, especially womxn, having a hard time accessing & expressing in somatics

It often holds deep roots of shame,

threaded with societal fear

“Anger is wrong”
“If I have anger, I’m a bad person.”
“If I express it, I’ll be too dangerous.”
“If I feel it, I’m not as spiritual as I thought I was.”
“I’m not as far along on my journey.”
“I’ll never come out of it.”
“It’s not feminine.”
“What will others think?”

It’s easy to feel rage & make up a story

To make it mean something about our Self

Instead of allowing it run to through, self judgement creeps in

Anger is one of my favorite emotions to play with

It’s always been easily accessible for me...


it wasn’t something that awakened my turn on & magnetism like it is now

It didn’t flow...

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Double the amount of hours you work and spend it in pleasure

Apr 15, 2021

I’m always reminded of how much our life is meant to be filled with pleasure when I leave the states.


xx how hard we make things

xx how much we like things

xx how much importance we place on things


So many...things


It always feels a little contractive to come back to a society that says ‘live to work’ instead of ‘work to live’


What helps you stay out of the madness?


Let me know in the comments


One of my top practices is to spend 2x the amount of hours I work, in pleasure


I learned this from a mentor!


We don’t need to be spending our internal & external energy in the pressure to DO


We think achieving relief is about doing the things, but we’re just meeting the problem with the same energy we’ve created it in


In order to receive, we have to have the space to do so!






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A reminder to spend your big money on the things that make your p u s s y sing

Apr 15, 2021


I bought myself a gold diamond ring for my 29th birthday last year

But it took me 2.5 years of investing nearly every dollar I made in my biz, back into more education, team, personal healing, mentors & guides...

to realize that I could actually buy myself something for just p l e a s u r e

For ‘just’ happiness

Spending ‘that much’ on a piece of jewelry for myself was something I had never done

A diamond?

That felt B I G

5 months later,
I bought myself a second gold diamond

A much bigger one

On my drive home from the jeweler, I realized that although I had been traveling every month across the states, all my travels had been for education & healing

I sublet my apartment & booked a two month trip to Costa Rica a few weeks later

These were barriers I needed to break within my own consciousness around what was possible to create

My investments for so long were only on things that made me ‘more qualified’ & ‘more healed’

Now, I...

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*Womb Room is open!* Running a business & being a bad b*tch requires MORE Self time, not less.

Apr 06, 2021


Tips for putting yourself first!


*Womb Room is open!* Running a business & being a bad b*tch requires MORE Self time, not less.

On a 1:1 client call last week, we did a somatic process to dissolve the ‘guilt for not being productive enough’.

Thing is…

being a Productivity Prowess (a module in Blissness x Pleasure) doesn’t come from doing more.

It comes from B E I NG in the moment.

BEING when we’re in the doing AND the being.

Present, quality, intimate Self time supports our overall vision & mission.

We can listen, hear, see, feel, & Know.

If you’re a coach, teacher, healer, guide looking for a safe haven to empty out & reconnect with Self through creative energy in community…

The next season of *The Womb Room* is OPEN for enrollment!

Under every new x full moon, we come together to:

take off all hats, let everything go, get into our bodies x hearts, & rekindle our juicy turn on.

Find out more or sign up here!

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“Oh, so you turn women into freaks”

Apr 06, 2021


At the start of my Costa trip, I was so self conscious about walking around in a cheeky kini


“You’re a sexologist, you shouldn’t feel this way”



When I started at Soltara, it was an intimate space


w/ humans that came for healing


I was judging myself for only bringing cheeky kinis


“Why’d you do this?”

”You can’t wear those w/ these people”

”We’re here for HEALING”

”You can’t even TALK about s3x here & you’re gonna wear THOSE?”


For the first few days, I covered myself every time I got up


Less & less, I stopped covering


ppl asked what I did, & I hesitantly said I was a Somatic Sexologist


More & more, I said it louder


At one meal, after explaining my work & the work I do with the Erotic Blueprints


I had someone say,


“Oh, so you turn women into FREAKS”


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A weekend pleasure challenge..

Apr 06, 2021


Like syrup on your weekend waffles



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“You already are & have everything you see in the master coaches you look up to now.”

Apr 05, 2021


3 years ago, at a tender time in my life & biz development, @rachelbell looked me in the eyes, through zoom obv, & told me,

“You already are & have everything you see in the master coaches you look up to now.”

I’ve carried those words all the way to where I am today

You can.

You can create everything you dream of.

You can build it.
You can achieve it.

You can have it all.

You’re enough,
just as you are.

Theres no where for you to be or get to in order to make ‘the’ move…

or quit the job
or raise your prices
or attract the ideal partner

or join Blissness x Pleasure :)

You already have all of it within you.

If there’s fear,
know it’s part of the game.

The. Fear. Will. Always. Be. There.

Like I learned in Spiritual Psychology school…

‘It’s not the issue, it’s the way we relate to the issue.’

Your leadership comes in when you feel the fear & parts of you start to freak out when making a...

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If you could have anything, would you choose this?

Apr 05, 2021

Having $10k months is great.
Having a partner who cooks for you is great.
Having clients pay you $500 an hour is great.
Having sex that gets you there is great.
Having a friend group that kinda supports you is great.

But you know what’s better?

Letting yourself dream past those glass ceilings & getting everything you want,

& then some.

This was me last year.

And my life was G R E A T.

I was happy.
Happier than I had ever been.
More successful than I had ever been.

But there was a tug from my Higher Self whispering, “there’s SO much more than this, Julianne.”

So I listened.

I broke up with the ‘perfect partner’ at the start of the pandemic.

I ditched the parts of my biz that were holding me back from the next iteration.

I moved out of an apartment that made me happy.

I doubled my rates.

I said adios to people that served their purpose but didn’t feel good anymore.

I let go of what was great…

to make space for something BEYOND.
It. Was. S C A R Y.


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Re: creating safety in our bodies as leaders…

Apr 05, 2021


Watch here -

I created Blissness x Pleasure Mastermind because I wanted to birth something that was a combination of somatics with business & pleasure.

Something that took my proven method that has helped myself & my clients make more money than ever before, & scale to 6 figures in less than 8 months, & do it in a loving, GROUP community.

Business can & should be pleasurable.

It’s a fast track for growth.

Entrepreneurs KNOW this.

But instead of running around in circles, trying to figure it out from logic, I created B x P to cut out the bullshit.

So you can scale your online biz into next level bigness & expand your capacity to receive.

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