Apr 26, 2021

…my insides screamed on my flight back from Portland

Ever feel that way?

Tired of making up x telling stories

Tired of using words when you just want & need to get in your body

Yeah, me too!

Clients come to me because they are…


About the:
xx same cycle they’ve been in for years
xx story they’ve created an identity around & continue to live in
xx patterns they keep repeating

The reason these things repeat & cycle & we create more of an identity around it…

is because most of the time the healing we participate in is only from the neck up.

When we leave the rest of our BODY out, we don’t get in the tissue

which is where the ISSUe is ;)

Having a bottom up, somatic based approach in your healing & becoming, gets you to the ROOT cause of these patterns & cycles.

Otherwise, we tend to dance around the core issue - getting to know it more, creating grand awareness - but not actually MOVING it.

When I work with clients, we focus...

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Attracting the same unhealthy partners?

Apr 26, 2021

If you keep calling in the same kind of unhealthy partners & feel frustrated because ‘you thought you healed that’...watch this video for 3 big perspective shifts to surrender to the process of calling in your ideal relationship. This strategies apply to biz growth as well!

Watch here.

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Apr 26, 2021

I was boarding a flight w/ someone who was going to save me a seat because they had an earlier boarding group than me

Except it was a full flight & seats were filling up fast

I got a text from them saying,

“Your seat got taken, I asked someone to move but then someone else went & took it. I need to be meaner.”

Using our voice is not mean!

Taking up space is not selfish!

If you don’t use your voice & claim what is yours, someone else will take it.

Whether it be a seat, job, client, orgasm, drink, or money.

“You, yourself, more than anyone in the entire universe, deserves your love & attention.” - Buddha

Let’s take shape & ASK for what we want!


Where are you quieting your voice to ‘be nice’? To have things be ‘easier’? To not make ‘trouble?’


When someone:

asks what you want for dinner, ANSWER (the first time!)
cuts in front of you in line, kindly...

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COSTA RICA Recap & Recs👇🏻 Part 2

Apr 26, 2021

Monli Restaurant
Soda Mirna
Chile rojo
Cocles beach - literal black & gold sand

After, I headed back to MA for another solo week before Paul got there & met @sketchesbysavs <3

@falafel_bar (get their chocolate balls & dip them in cashew dulce de leche butter from Super Joseth up the block)
@cafeaguaazul is mouth watering
@elavionrestaurant has delicious breakfast
@manuelantoniofitness was pricey but I’ll pay for dumbbells
The organic grocery store& man was the best.

We also went to:

Go to @fuegobrewco for FOOD, @danyasa_yoga_retreat for yoga clothes.

Waterfalls are amazing
Please use alcohol after you waterfall jump my ear is still messed up:)

Paul & I then went north to Monteverde.

It is cold(er). It’s a cute mountain town with family/couple vibes I feel! @restaurante_celajes
food at @hotelbelmar...

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COSTA RICA RECAP! (Recommendations)👇🏻 Part 1

Apr 26, 2021

Save this for your travel plans!

I went to Costa Rica for a 6 week excursion. Below I’ll share my fav spots, foods, tips & snacks ;)

@soltarahealingcenter - did their 7 day retreat (4 Aya ceremonies). LOVED everything about it. Food, service, facilitators, experience, amenities, room, (check IGTV for more details)

After, I went straight down to Montezuma (thank you @iamtaylorsimpson for the planning help!)

I stayed at @anamayaresort & it was BEYOND gorgeous. Two incredible yoga decks looking over the water & the food x service was impeccable. V much considering hosting retreats there :) They also have private access to the waterfall.

I met a lovely local (@freedomseeeker) who showed me around Santa Teresa via motorbike! SUPER cute. Amazing shops & cafes. Big night life if you’re into that. I intend to go back & stay longer.

I then took a taxi boat to Jaco & made my way to Manual Antonio where I started my month stay with @selina. They have a...

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Apr 26, 2021


For this life I’ve created,
when just 3 years ago I was at a rock bottom

Healing from an intentional pregnancy that came from an abusive relationship
Finally finding freedom after years of substance abuse, eating disorders, & body dysmorphia
Dismantling internal family systems as I dove deep into my childhood abuse x trauma
Unraveling the pattern of toxic relationships & decoupling love from abuse
Building a sustainable online business by turning my pain into purpose
Coming home to my body through somatics
Feeling sexual liberation for the first time & reclaiming my full feminine expression


For the obstacles, challenges, failures, hurt, pain & hardness along the way


For the abundance, financial freedom, successful business, loving community, incredible partner, hysterical cuddly puppies, travel, & new experiences


For my body, my heart, my soul, my mind


For you, this...

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The more we speak our truth, the deeper we know it

Apr 15, 2021


Although our truth can change, when we’re safe & grounded in our bodies, there’s a deep knowing that lives there.

In the times I’ve hidden from my truth,
it has shown up in my system.

A knot in my stomach
A weight on my chest
A tightness in my throat


A hell of a lot of manifestations I didn’t (directly) ask for.

…but they were just a byproduct of my wishy washy signals!

And at the end of it, my body was exhausted & confused.

Here are a few of my favorite tips to get out of people pleasing behavior & back into alignment:

1 Speak your truth & speak it loudly.
2 Practice speaking your truths to people & communities that are SAFE & SUPPORTIVE.
3 Notice when / where / with who, you want to bend.
4 Stay curious - Why? What is it about that place? That person? That thing? That makes you want to go against your truth?
*approach this with childlike curiosity & leave the judgements at the door*
5 Try asking: What comes in your body...

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You Are A Pioneer!

Apr 15, 2021

Pioneering a path takes courage & commitment. Remember that when there’s pressure or negative feedback. You’re doing things differently because you’re different!!

I give you a practice (from my Blissness x Pleasure Mastermind ) for you to implement to nurture your inner being/child!

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Before I found somatics, I was LIVING life outside of my body.

Apr 15, 2021

I was watching my life like I would a movie…

from the audience,
rather than from the character’s perspective.

I didn’t even know something was off until I was in a reiki session & she said,

“Look down & see your feet moving.”

At that point, I was already so outside my body that I was seeing things from a bird’s eye view, never truly experiencing life from my own two eyes.

My mind was BUSY.

I was always up inside my head; thinking constantly, overanalyzing, worried about other people & what they thought about me.

I had unexplainable back & hip pain. I’d wake up in the middle of the night unable to take deep breaths.

My hips were always filled with tightness & tension. And when I had s3x, they would lock up on me.

Somatics, reclaiming my s3xuality, & healing my relationship to my inner masculine x feminine,

changed the way I showed up in the world, my relationships, my business, & most importantly - the way I feel in my body....

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Apr 15, 2021

Permission to get dirty
Permission to leave your hair wild
Permission to get out in the rain
Permission to take your shoes off
Permission to make horrific mistakes
Permission to royally fuck up
Permission to say what you’re gonna get burned for
Permission to be overly confident
Permission to take up more space than what’s comfortable
Permission to unclench your jaw
Permission to speak what’s really on your mind
Permission to unleash your s e x
Permission to offend others with your certainty
Permission to make the best choice for you, even when it startles others

Permission to give yourSelf permission

Permission to let go

*Wake up*

Your mess is the gift


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