your POWER is in your PU$$Y!

Aug 16, 2021

your POWER is in your PU$$Y!

come play with vocal coach @jessica.sirena & I in Becoming Your Own Best Lover, a 3 part workshop series — first one is this Saturday!!

we’ll be sharing potent practices to explore new realms of your sensuality to magnify your power & orgasmic capacity

check the last post for details! all links are obv in bio :)

Watch HERE

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a personal journal practice

Aug 15, 2021

our life, the ceremony
our daily experience, the ritual
our body, the temple

we, are the psychedelic experience

swipe for a journal practice i’ve been finding freeing…

starting a page in the morning with:

“thank you
i love you
i’m sorry
please forgive me”

appreciations, & then

“i am…”

until i feel complete

& then adding throughout the day as i have new encounters

what fun journals prompts have you been playing with? i’d love to try them!

have a pleasure filled sunday xoxx


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becoming your own best lover workshop series with Jessica Sirena

Aug 13, 2021

i began a marvelous voice journey w/ @jessica.sirena at the end of last year…

i randomly put a feeler out to my audience for coach recommendations & her sister messaged me!

soon as i saw her work i knew we were gonna vibe

she’s been a guest in the Womb Room & Blissness x Pleasure Mentorship since then, and…

during one of my bath time journeys, i saw us collaborating for retreats/workshops!

a couple weeks later, we met up in [actual person] Boulder & the ideas started flowing out of us.

we present to you…

Becoming Your Own Best Lover, a 3-part Workshop Series, of Potent Practices for Exploring New Realms of Your Sensuality

my pu$$y can’t wait to play with you inside this yummy, feminine container

& to HEAR you loud, proud, & WILD!

first workshop is next Saturday <3

Watch HERE

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Everything is experienced through the body first

Aug 12, 2021

everything you see around you
was experienced through your 𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲 first…

(consciously x unconsciously)

everything you want to 𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘵𝘦
will be experienced through your body first…

(whether we chose to like it or not)

everything is within you…

(if you’re brave enough to go looking)

everything comes from your 𝗰𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿…

(if you have the courage to stay connected)

your body holds the 𝙠𝙚𝙮𝙨

(you don’t have to keep looking outside yourself)

to everything you’ll ever 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍

…all the wisdom
…all the guidance
…all the power

allow yourself
to fully feel

and everything you want…

will become everything that 𝙞𝙨

my new 1:1 offering *Goddess Embodied, a 3-Day Somatic Sexological Immersion* will bring you out of the noise & home to your intuitive Self

time to heal our bodies & move differently in the world

dm me ‘goddess embodied’ for info <3

Watch HERE

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day somatic sexological immersion

Aug 12, 2021

unlocking the secrets to your next level bigness

pssst…you already are your next level ;) join me for a 3 day somatic sexological immersion to reclaim a life of pleasure, purpose, power & play! oh…and orgasms, too <3

Watch HERE

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ATTN! **New Offering Alert**

Aug 11, 2021

ATTN! **New Offering Alert** Goddess Embodied, 3-Day Somatic Sexological Immersions are open for enrollment, 4 spots avail!

swipe for client transformations

(cont’d from yesterday)

flashback to 4 yrs ago…

i spent more $ then ever before to work with world renowned healers to
heal my womb
collapse the abuse/love pattern
& awaken my feminine power

i was coaching dozens of women through the Goddess Approach™

& was blown away at watching them heal issues they spent years trying to unpack…

i watched them:
get their cycle back after years of not having it
clear acne they were stuck with for years
get pregnant after being told they’d need IVF
have a vibrant relationship to food after only knowing macros & obsessive pattens
leave their jobs & start a soulful biz.
fall deeply in love with themselves x body for the first time

today, i welcome women into the world of SOMATICS x SEXUALITY

i help them come home to their body in ways they’ve never known, yet...

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sometimes i forget my story 🧐

Aug 10, 2021

sometimes i forget my story

i’m so far from the mindset & energy i used to have, i genuinely forget that was ME!

it was NOT always like that…

for most of my life, i struggled with anorexia x bulimia. i hated my body & hated the way i looked.

i grew up in an abusive home. i was hit if i had chipped nails. if i didn’t wear my jewelry. or put on a happy face after said abuse.

everything was about image.

except, i was also hit if i was ‘too much’.

i was told over & over again that i was the problem.

i was dragged to church after these happenings for what felt like forced ‘purification’.

my home life, religion & society, taught me from a very young age that i was only lovable when i was perfect.

and definitely not when i was horny ‍

(try telling that to a rebel soul )

i couldn’t figure out, why years later, i had a track record of abusive boyfriends.

why i couldn’t leave after he screamed like that…
why i couldn’t...

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an easy way to gauge just how *ready* you really are to receive the things you say you want

Aug 09, 2021

an easy way to gauge just how *ready* you really are to receive the things you say you want…

stick with me here…

i work with a lot of women who are on the path to more

< more love more freedom more sex more money >

more to all of it

where i see the most ‘wrong’

is in their *waiting game*

because it literally turns into JUST that,
a waiting game, & nothing more

think about it…

what do YOU do when you’re waiting for something or someone?

do you sit at the window wishing they’d get their faster? do you get frustrated because it’s taking too long?

do you forget to play with every other toy (creation) in your home because you’re so fixated on this other new thing coming in?

do you sit on your phone trying to make it go faster?

do you mindlessly fill your time until the thing you really want comes in?

i repeat,
EVERYTHING you have right now

was once the thing you REALLY wanted to manifest & call in

to be *ready* for our...

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a moment to moment self inquiry

Aug 06, 2021

can it be easier
can it be more pleasurable
can i integrate my breath more deeply

~ a moment to moment self inquiry ~

p.s. i’ve started a brag thread in my fb group … i kept seeing my sisters do it x my kitty wanted to play too. mama gena readers yk. bio has the link :)

Watch HERE

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Stepping back into Remembrance & Reclaiming Your Innocence

Aug 05, 2021

what if every decision i make, from this moment forward, is sourced from the Truth that i am a GOOD, INNOCENT human?’

i slowly stepped out of the bath Mon morn after sitting w/ mySelf x mushies for mins i lost count of

i walked up to the roof deck to dry off in the sun & was flooded w visions

(the self-inquiry from the week before, quantum physics & @tonyRobbins primary question, stirring it up)

these visions were pointing to all of my life experiences, that i had unconsciously created, where i ‘needed’ to ‘fight’ for my innocence

(started as a child when i needed to prove i was good, in the right, innocent so i could stay safe from the abuse)

…one illusion (abusive relationships) after the next where i needed to prove myself x goodness came into my awareness

in that moment, i realized i collapsed the pattern

earlier this year, i had a long period of forgetting who i really was

i was confused, disappointed, frustrated

how could i forget...

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