Happy Eclipse

May 26, 2021

Don’t forget to dance under the moon

I can’t wait for Womb Room (my seasonal moon circle offering!)

I’m taking an astrology course & just started a shaman program & it’s deepening my connection to the elements x seasons even more

Find me on Spotify @juliannevaccaro for my favorite music selections dance & dance 2 are on this frequency

Watch HERE

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Taking on Other Peoples Issues in Relationships

May 25, 2021

My Relationship Dramas

I’m going to get straight to the point...

I grew up in a dangerously abusive household

My soul made it very clear from an early age, that I was here to unravel big generational patterns & evolve in the realm of relationships

These experiences triggered a series of abusive relationships

Three of which ended in court orders

& one being impregnated without consent

I was so dedicated to ‘the work’, that I stayed in each of those relationships way past their expiration

I kept thinking:
if I can just fix this, then it’ll end
if I can just be better, then he’ll stop
if I can show him I love him more, then he’ll see me

(Replicating my younger self with my caregivers)

It never worked

**I made their issues my issues, which was my issue**

This was a result of not wanting to feel the hurt & pain done to me from an early age

And a trauma response to those experiences

Out of ‘self protection’, I fawned (4th trauma response) &...

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Bottom up approach for Healing Trauma

May 24, 2021

"It just keeps getting better! It really does! I'm having the best sex of my life. He goes down on me every time & makes my pleasure a priority & I fucking love it. I'm here for it! I've been making so much money at work. YES! Obviously, the pleasure and money go hand in hand. It's INSANE to see it all play out! It's been so divine, so pleasurable. I'm putting myself first . It's magic. Thank you for existing. Thank you for helping me unlock all of these things." - SJ 


Receiving messages like these from my Goddess Embodied clients is everything

These women who get on my table are warrior goddesses who go deep into the shadows to come out on the other side.

It’s serious work! And serious play!

**The way you show up in the bedroom is the way you show up in every other area of your life**

The people around you learn how to treat you, your body & your yoni based off of how you treat yourself, body & yoni.

Trauma lives in the body.

Working with a bottom...

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Declaring What You Are and Aren't Available for in Relationship

May 24, 2021

I met Paul in the beg of Jan when I decided I was 4ever more done w/ conventional monogamy

I entered the dating space this time w/ a completely diff intention & energy than times b4

I had just moved out of a darker season filled w/ purging x cleansing, but mostly, pulling all of me back in, to me

I sat in my Womb Room, just the week before, & completed a deep process around men, relationships, & love…

the same process I’ll take you through in **Calling In Your Ideal Partner/Lovers** this Sat

Except when I did it, my main intention wasn’t about calling in a partner, contrary to the times before

Instead, I decided to declare the things I would no longer accept in [any] relationship

I refined my no’s

I p*ssy dreamed a list of ideal qualities
Once again, doing it differently

I asked myself whether or not I’d rather be alone than be w/ a man that didn’t have these things

Most of my answers?

“Yes, I’d rather be alone.”

This was HUGE...

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One Simple Trick to Speed Up Your Manifestation Process

May 23, 2021

Decoupling the thing you want....

from the thing you *think* it will get you.


Whatever it is we want SO badly,

is wanted so badly,

because we THINK it’ll get us
**fill in the blank**

When we decouple the things we want from the FEELINGS we think they’ll bring, we:

1 start to feel GREAT
2 decrease the pressure x importance of the goal
3 which in turn, speeds up the manifestation process

EX (we almost always want TWO things - love &/or freedom)

Partner & family = unconditional LOVE & feelings of belonging
recognize you are unconditional love. it’s everywhere around you. let it in! find people that make you feel like you belong & BE in those moments. feel what it feels like to belong

Bigger biz & consistent clients = fulfillment & more money = FREEDOM
recognize a bigger biz doesn’t always mean more money! fulfillment doesn’t come from anything on the outside. find fulfillment from the inside, & start to feel what...

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Ain’t nothing wrong with a tinder booty call, except maybe when you know it’s not for your Highest Good

May 22, 2021

Ain’t nothing wrong with a tinder booty call ‍ except maybe when you know it’s not for your Highest Good ‍


Out of integrity
Breaking boundaries
Filling a void
Looking for love in all the wrong places
Avoidance // distraction
External Validation

Not ways wounds heal

Before any self judgement comes in or you feel triggered & think I’m the bad girl or try to justify the times you’ve done this

Be honest with yourself & know you’re here to evolve your soul & take the trigger as an invitation

If you’re in a cycle like this, I hope you know the love you deserve!

It’s SO big & wide & deep & beautiful

The time between where you are now & when you receive it, will probably be filled with many dark nights of the soul

And every single one of them will be worth it

For a step my step process to support yourSelf in ending the cycle, check out my reel about “unhappily jumping”

For a deeper...

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Your p*ssy is the portal

May 21, 2021

Can I tell you a sacred secret?

Your p*ssy is the portal.

…to your creativity, intuition, knowing & wholeness.

Orgasms help you Remember.
Sex is a gateway to God/Spirit/Source.

Can I tell you another secret?

I created the 5 step process for the upcoming Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers Workshop because well, if I’m being honest, I wanted a taste of everything out there :)

And I was DONE dating the same person with a different face.

I wanted

& ALL of the erotic blueprints

And damn, sister...

I didn’t think it was gonna happen that fast.

But it did!

[Your p*ssy is also the portal to your magnetism]

ONE week til we gather for the workshop where we’ll purge, cleanse, get clear & s3x magic our way to the relationships we DESERVE & DESIRE

Watch HERE 

May 21, 2021

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What relationship pattern/s have the biggest hold on you!?

May 20, 2021


Let’s play a game! What relationship pattern/s have the biggest hold on you!?

@elizabeth_fuckinmarie_psychic once said I used to date swat monsters  #truth

When we clear trauma & generational patterns out of the body, we no longer accommodate our wounds (perpetuating the problem) & we stop making excuses.

We can see & feel ourselves clearly, again.

We no longer trauma bond, take on shit that’s not ours, or push our shit onto others.

The dream

But actually, it’s a reality

Ready to break patterns, clear trauma, & attract healthy relationships?

Links in bio for my 5/29 workshop - ***Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers***


Watch here.

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I used to have a bad habit of making myself wrong.

May 20, 2021

Especially in relationships.

When my desires were shamed...
When my voice was silenced...
When my body was violated...

Rather than seeing it as their issue & my choice to walk away, I made it about ME.

Sound familiar?

It’s not always about YOU, your growth, your person — it’s about realizing who is FOR you & who is NOT.

...and knowing when to walk away

(P.S. there really is no ‘wrong’ people ;) it’s all meant for you)

Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers Workshop is 10 days away!!

Which means the doors for...

LOVE S3X MEN : heal the wounds of the masculine, open for deep intimacy x connection, & sink into the rapture of erotic devotion

...opens in 10 days too!

Info & sign up in bio

Can’t wait to meet all of you for this journey!

Watch here.

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Get stuck needing to know the ‘WHY’?

May 20, 2021

Your emotions are not some thing to figure out! They’re some thing to be felt x experienced. In this video, you’ll understand why you try to figure out the ‘why’ and how you can beat it. If you put pressure on yourself to have all of the answers all of the time & you like to control the outcome, watch this!

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