pain & plea$ure ..opposite ends of the same spectrum.

Apr 15, 2022

if plea$ure is a portal,
then so is your pain.

who & how do you *be* to the people places & things that break your heart open?

can you meet yourself there? find new strength in your softness? feel God’s love in the hardest of places?

filling up

on unconditional love
..for you, from you.

sipping in, even more.

especially when,
you think you have nothing left.

discovering how much Love,
you really have inside of you.

& how much of
you already are.


grief is one of the foundational pillars of HUMAN, a deliciously slow 6 mo container to *remember your Wholeness & what it means to be alive*

we’ll be exploring the dark feminine & integrating the archetypal mother through somatic practice, community ritual, & more

pain / plea$ure
joy / grief
love / loss

…openings for you

HUMAN starts the first weekend of May

ready for a deepening? join the other women inside this intimate & transformative container via my linktree

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living & loving 💓 hello again, Portland

Apr 13, 2022

living & loving
hello again, Portland

spent the day in this king bed..feeding & filling mySelf after a week of sacred service

we’re 5 months into IN THE FLESH & i’ve really started to find my rhythm with balance & resourcing

before & after every retreat weekend..i make sure i get bodywork, chat with my coach or therapist, have cooked healthy food ready to go, space for extra movement & downtime, & girl friend hangouts

retreat weekends are such big expansions, it can be easy to feel a dip in energy / connection now i just know how & when to get ahead of it!

spending this week [actually] w a l k i n g

& having lots of play before a full next few months!

if you’re ready for an in-person retreat with somatics, dance movement, $exual healing & erotic blueprints - join me & @innerpoweralicia this june in CO for a ballin ass mountain getaway’s a walk with your wild woman - all the way from womb wellness,...

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c h u r c h sunday prayer with IN THE FLESH family 💓

Apr 10, 2022

watch HERE

c h u r c h

sunday prayer with IN THE FLESH family

this weekend we made heart c0cks, cried & laughed our hearts out, played with our butts (& each other’s), had lots of orga$ms, & loved ourselves like we have never loved ourselves before

another magical one in the books

i can’t believe we are halfway through.

endless gratitude. endless honor.

we are changing the fucking world

thank you @jessica.sirena for the tunes

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the women who support me

Apr 08, 2022

meet them HERE

these women. the way these women support me & my vision, my heart, & my little family so excited to all be together again tonight for the next IN THE FLESH weekend

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what it's like being in a 1:1 immersion with me

Apr 07, 2022

spending time in the cutest airbnb with my 1:1 client this week! here’s what we’re up to

last night…

we did a 3 hour session with coaching & bodywork

we focused on opening her heart space

& bringing connection back to her womb after a surgery that took out her ovary & uterine tube

it was slow, intentional & opening

then, private chef @dalenchristeen brought us a colorful vibrant salad filled with wasabi edamame, cabbage, rolled up mango, shredded organic chicken & jalapeños

this morning…

we started with body botanicals, oils + herbs, & gentle movement

all of this brought her to a release where she got *well* & purged

the energy cleared & opened

so we moved into what was most alive

..a biz brainstorm & expansion day!

we mapped out 5 solid core offerings for her $ex coaching biz that she started last year when she went through the Erotic Blueprint™ cert

an intro workshop, EB offering, 1:1 container, in person...

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a woman who walks with her 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍 & GODDESS..

Apr 06, 2022

a woman who walks with her 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍 & GODDESS..

knows her heart as her inner compass

she accepts the heroine’s journey of following the messages that come from between her brea$t$

thanking - but paying no mind - to the thoughts that want it to .. ‘make more sense’

a woman who walks with her 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍 & GODDESS..

knows magic is the opposite of logic

so she walks with courage, trust, faith in one hand

& a deep connection to truth in the other

she breathes life into the ordinary moments
……making love to the mundane

seeing the care for her the care for the world

she lets go of needing to do it right
& trusts that her way is the best way

she is an Infinite Being with Infinite Emotions

riding the waves as they come, paying no mind to who sees who thinks who judges

she loves unconditionally
*without fear of losing or loss*

filled by the electricity & fragility of the present moment

a woman who walks with her 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍 & GODDESS..

is held by the hands of...

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to loosen shame's grip on our lives, we need to make 3 moves.

Apr 03, 2022

to loosen shame's grip on our lives,

we need to make 3 moves.

step one: feeling worthless

seeing yourself as wounded

Step two: shift from seeing ourselves through the lens of contempt

to one of budding compassion

step three: moving from silence to sharing

as long as we see our suffering as evidence of worthlessness,

we will not move toward our wounds with anything but judgement- Francis Weller

there are these really special moments during somatic sessions, when my clients will share a deep vulnerable piece of themselves

..maybe a fantasy
..a desire
..something they did they wish they didn’t
..a piece of themselves they’ve exiled

it’s always a deeply powerful & potent part of who they are - an area of self that holds much juice & aliveness

(there always is under that much resistance )

when they name it, it’s like this purification process

you can see them release the heavy burden & darkness of shame

…to move from isolation &...

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what we perceive as defective about ourselves... we also experience as loss.

Apr 01, 2022

what we perceive as defective about ourselves...

we also experience as loss.

whenever any portion of who we are is denied...

we live in a condition of loss. 

the proper response to any loss is grief.

but we cannot grieve for soemthing...

that we feel is outside the circle of worth. 

that is our predicament 

we chronically sense the presence of sorrow...

but we are unable to truly grieve

because we feel in our body

that this piece of who we are

is unworthy of grief- Francis Well

raise a hand if slide 4 is your favorite line did you know there are 5 gates to grief?? the 2nd gate is:

*the places that have not known love*

..the parts of ourselves we have disowned, denied, sent away, banished or named broken — the pieces we deem unworthy or unspeakable

shame fills these places.

you know what helps move shame? there’s actually 3 steps…

i’ll let you in on one now & the rest tomorrow

eventually, when ready…

it’s moving from silence to...

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9 reasons getting inside 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍 is a no-brainer!🤤👇🏻

Mar 31, 2022

9 reasons getting inside 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍 is a no-brainer!

1 letting go of the shoulds or shouldnts
2 releasing the burden of perfectionism
3 being grounded in the bliss of the journey instead of fixation on the outcome
4 having the courage to trust your heart & Knowing above all else
5 discovering your deepest acceptance
6 becoming your own mother (maturation)
7 retiring ‘the outsider’ part & finding your belonging
8 practice surrendering to the unknown & the only constant…change!
9 finding home within

most spiritual work is about ascension, while 𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍 is about descension

to remember your wholeness & what it means to be alive…

is to walk with both your HUMAN & GODDESS


is the most valuable container i have right now at the lowest investment deep dive transmissions, community discussion, support between calls, grief circles, & Q+A

the first 10 enrollees get FREE ACCESS to my upcoming masterclass called *Permission For Pleasure*

links in my linktree ...

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Meet Alicia Patterson: Holistic Pelvic Therapy, Somatic & Dance Therapist

Mar 31, 2022

Meet Alicia Patterson: Holistic Pelvic Therapy, Somatic & Dance Therapist

We are cohosting our first *Walk With Your Wild Woman* retreat here in CO June 16-19!!

Watch HERE 

when i brought @innerpoweralicia inside IN THE FLESH, the ladies nearly devoured her

It feels really special to be blending our worlds & love for this work with such different backgrounds & entry points.

…coming together to bring you a - deepening, widening, opening, softening- experience into yourSelf & soul

The doors open Friday 4/1 & we have early registration specials

jump on my email list to get notified first (linktree) - & if that’s not your jam message me & i’ll send you the details

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