if you know this work is for you…you already know this work is for you

Oct 06, 2021

if you know this work is for you…you already know this work is for you

i honor your process of ‘sitting with it’

but my question is

if you’re feeling the call to be IN THE FLESH

…you keep dreaming about it….

…flirting with it….

…feeling pu$$y so turned on & wet for it…

…body’s been asking for a space like this to go deeper because you know you’re MEANT for this….

my question is…

what are you REALLY waiting for now?

what are you looking for when you ‘sit with it’?

what’s the thing you THINK you neeed in order to say yes?

because i already hear your YES

(& i know you do, too)

it’s actually now just about deciding….& committing yourself to this next level of work

not just for YOU…but for your clients…& for your vision

those parts of you that are contemplating….

“can i really do THIS?”

are nervous & scared because they know...

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Oct 05, 2021


a beauuuutiful story of a somatic sexological session with a client

when you work with me, you fill out an intake form with all of your remembered history (sexual, trauma, relational, etc.)


what comes up on the table is RARELY what is in that form…or what’s talked about in pre-coaching

> the body keeps score <

& when you’re in a safe, supported, surrendered space, with a trusted practitioner….

your TISSUE reveals more than your CONSCIOUS MIND ever could

for the somatic portion, i worked on her HEART space

& fuck, did she crack open

i held her for 45 min as I energetically opened her up & cracked the armor around her heart

the intention - to be able to feel SAFE, respect & adoration for men

to enter into loving union with her own inner masculine & men around her

she purged & released yrs of sadness…neglect of her own heart…& pain of not letting love in

she gorgeously weeped &...

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say it with me [to them] giving you my time & energy is a love language

Oct 05, 2021
  1. it’s the virgo in me ……..*Money x Wealth Consciousness + Positioning Yourself As A 5 Figure Coach with INTEGRITY* is 7 days away

    it’s $111 through Saturday....& then it goes up to $222

    if you’re interested in IN THE FLESH Mystery School...i highlyyyyy recommend joining us

    come feel what i’m inviting you into

    we’ll be chatting…

    how to OPEN to more MONEY
    the most important mindset shifts to make more $ in your business (everything that’s helped me)
    5 figure high ticket offers (giving & receiving)
    attracting the right client for YOU
    creating the right price for your offerings
    expanding your level of leadership
    the clients you DON’T want (signs to look out for)

    & lots mo’

    must DM me for the link
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When someone asks for my time for free

Oct 05, 2021

i don’t have any 1:1 offerings available under 5 figures…

i went from $0 cash months + charging $1200 for my coaching…..to 30k 1:1 enrollments + a multi 6 figure biz

& those numbers keep going up…if you’re interested in working together…now’s your time to get in before it’s 40,50,60k+

BEFORE you see this as another IG coach screaming ‘MORE $ MORE $ MORE $’….
i want you to know….

i’ve had a lot of RESISTANCE in increasing my rates over the years

initially i didn’t….i scaled rather quickly

but then…..i expanded so much….that i started to BUCKLE

& i wanted to crawl in a hole….because out of nowhere….all of this fear….shame….& guilt dropped in


I WANT TO SHARE what has helped me move through those limiting beliefs & fear mongrels

the juice that has helped me CONTINUE to scale x grow….while staying in INTEGRITY to my truths &...

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what are YOUR commitments to In the Flesh?

Oct 04, 2021

when you invest five figures in a coach...

what goes on for you internally?

yesterday on my stories i shared that i've invested somewhere around 400k in certifications. masterminds, coaches, & healers over the last few years.

(i also shared my perspective on taking  the leap + tips for you...check out the 'investing' story highlight)

when i used to invest in coaching... i'd think

"i hope this is WORTH it...i really hope THIS is the thing...will it WORK?...how can i justify spending this much on ONE thing?"

over time...

all of this shifted into...

"what am i BRINGING to the table in this container?

how am i going to MAKE it worth it?

i trust this will work if i Allow it to...because i DECIDE what works

i acknowledge my fear + resisitance ...AND transmute it into titillating turn on...opening myself to the expression before me

investing in coaches x programs...is like any other growth opportunity that happens out there in the world

it's a practice of trusting that LIFE will...

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who do i desire inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School?👇🏻

Oct 03, 2021

who do i desire inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School?


i am a leader
that not only wants
but helps CREATE
other leaders…

i want women who will take this work…this magic….& bring it out into their communities….into their businesses….teach it to their clients….take it into their friend circles…and yes….even introduce it to their families…


remembering how to SELF HEAL, through our BODY….is what i’m here to help create

i envision a world where we are our own healers….including our own sexual healers….& we hold each other in the same tender ways

it is our incredible righttttt to come into this Remembrance

i will give you the community & the space & the tools & the education & most importantly, the EXPERIENCE of what this work actually is…..& how you can bring it into your everyday life x practice…

i will support you in learning how to...

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embodiment practice to use in your day-to-day!👇🏻

Oct 02, 2021

embodiment practice to use in your day-to-day!

pain & pleasure…are much more similar than we realize‍

try it! right now….

feel into what PAIN feels like, for you
notice the body sensations that arise

& then…

feel into what PLEASURE feels like, for you
notice the body sensations that arise

they might feel really different.…or….they might feel very similar

one of my fav tools i use & teach is *Polarity Integration*

….where two ends of a spectrum come together & become one

you can use this for nearly anything:
freedom vs constriction
expansion vs contraction
stress vs calm
having a mill $ vs not having a mill $
having a partner vs not having a partner

this is a powerful tool for transformation because what keeps us STUCK….is feeling like what we desireee is all the way over there….instead of already being….right here…right now

lemme know if you’re gonna use this tool

SQUIRT WORKSHOP is available for purchase...

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the program you’ve been waaaiiting for is now OPEN for enrollment…

Oct 01, 2021

the program you’ve been waaaiiting for is now OPEN for enrollment…

IN THE FLESH Mystery School is by far my most turned-on-pu$$y-created offering to date

….a highly experiential program + 5 in-person events & a circle of sisters rising together to create massive change & healing in the world

i want you to FEEL.

i want you to feel into the part of your body that feels titillated & turned on by being IN THE FLESH…

feel into the YOU you’ll be at the end of this 10 month journey together.

the impact you’ll be making.
the freedom in your body.
the reclamation of your pu$$y.
the permission to play wild & big.
the alignment in your Truth.
the love & liberation you’ll feel.
the communities YOU will create & nourish.

& the knowing of who you are….as a divine being….in a deliciously sensitized, pleasure-filled body.

i want you to feel into this offering.

….the magic of this kind of container.
….& the...

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if you missed the SQUIRT WORKSHOP💦, the replay is now available!

Sep 30, 2021

if you missed the SQUIRT WORKSHOP, the replay is now available!

if i can say so myself….which i can …..it was the best workshop i’ve ever led…

it was supposed to be 90 min….& we ending up spending 2.5 hrs together

i brought it for you

we went deeeeeep into
sexual healing
the connection between mental health/ perfectionism & PLEASURE
what’s missing in talk therapy (somatics & the bodyyyy)
+ how to add this kind of work in
clitoral vs g-spot & cervical orgasms….

& so so so much more.

the ladies inside said,

….i feel YOU! that’s why i’m over here making squirt reels.

…because it’s SO much more than SQUIRTING……it’s about consciousness, spirituality, & body sovereignty

it’s a JAM packed workshop with easy to implement steps & squirting hacks to share with your lover/s.


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i'm enraged.

Sep 30, 2021

i'm enraged.

i'm enraged that my accounts get flagged over & over again because of what i teach.

i'm enraged that christian folks see my account & report me because 'i need help'.

i'm enraged that we live in a world that says i can't teach you how to squirt on social media...but unethical porn & sex trafficking still exists.

i'm enraged that my fitness bikini competition photos get flagged as sensitive material...when i'm teaching you about healing your hormones.

i'm enraged at the number of explicit accounts out there with naked humans...but the educational accounts that teach you about naked bodies are disabled. 

i'm enraged that we think sex ed is a crime.

i'm enraged that my platform, something i've given my energy to build & create community on for over a decade, can be gone in the blink of an eye...again.

i'm enraged that we think children don't deserve to know about consent, boundaries & pleasure at early ages. 

i'm enraged that we sexualize...

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