our love & $ex story: meet my love, Paul

Jan 10, 2022

we did the thing! @pd215 & i recorded our first @trppodcast episode together& there’s already been so much juicciiiiiii feedback from y’all

we only got to one question from the story poll…so you know there’s gonna be a part 2, 3 & beyond

we talked about:
how we met, what we were looking for, safety, polyamory, $ex, projections of who we thought the other was, love vs. freedom, the dynamic of our relationship, & then some

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here’s the latest:

306: Choose it enough & it WILL happen
305: how to support yourself when making big decisions & leaning into the next level
304: 6 practices to embody your wild woman
303: 5 Ways To Start Talking About $ex & Pleasure With Your Clients
302: Mindset Shifts To Play A Bigger Money Game


when you leave a pod review - my team will send you a complimentary powerful *Somatic Embodiment Meditation* to...

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the truth about us & brags

Jan 09, 2022

…he was salty about diesel’s airtime ‍

watch HERE

i brag these little angel babies & their unconditional love!

i brag i enrolled a powerhouse 1:1 client last week into a year long mentorship at 75k ...& it was seriously the easiest enrollment i’ve ever had!

i brag this woman has never done 1:1 work with me before & was already a ‘yes’ before we got on our call!

i brag the ripple effect of co-creating with heart centered leaders.

i brag money as an incredible tool to expand our consciousness & drop deeper into service

i brag the investment with my biz coach that had me ‘go first’

i brag it gets to be this easy.

i brag…

it keeps getting better & wetter.


i future brag…

the wildly transformative, orga$mically earth shattering second weekend of IN THE FLESH (that starts thisssss Friday!!!!)

it’s going to be a p a r t y

may you Know your desires as whispers from the universe
may you see the limiting...

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Jan 07, 2022


Watch HERE

i danced around naked wearing gold jewels he got me for xmas & reorganized our place to make it more functional + livable

i transformed our ‘art corner’ (which would typically be someone’s dining area) to my little zen den office…so Paul can have the downstairs floor to himself

i transformed the Womb Room (which is a ceremony/session room + upcoming membership offer) into my bedroom because it was time we actually declared separate spaces

…instead of just switching every week (i’m not a shared bedroom type of gal - my Energetic Blueprint needs S P A C E)

all of this…

while my Handler, Dalen, took care of groceries, meal prep, drop off, & fridge organization

i gave her items to run errands (like a return + a necklace to bring to the jewelers for repair)

a couple of additional random strangling open loops that she can take care of for me (like registering my new Jag & getting ExpressToll set up)

& i...

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yesterday pt 2...

Jan 07, 2022
  1. watch HERE

(pt 2) it used to feel so unsafe to ask for help & support. i didn’t know how to delegate or outsource. i didn’t trust people to take care of me or meet my needs. & i was scared that if they did, they’d take advantage of me…manipulate or abuse me like i was so used to in relationships.

(…making it nearly impossible for my adult self to receiveee)

i was living in survival, operating from fight or flight

& although i was empowered on the outside, i was crying for more on the i n s i d e

more connection..support..collaboration…



i wanted more…but i didn’t know how to hold m o r e


i am so grateful for the last 5 years - you have prepared me for the outrageously abundant orga$mic one that’s to come

i am holding more than ever before

& i feel…weightless (goosepimples & butterflies as i write this)

let this be your permission slip to believe in your...

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happy 11th birthday to my first born son 🎂🌭

Jan 05, 2022

happy 11th birthday to my first born son

 watch the celebration HERE

i remember the day i brought you home from the place next to Smithhaven Mall on 347

i was out shopping with Abby & your first dad (my eldest niece + first boyfriend)

we went in just to show her the puppies & have an adventure but you were so chocolatey & cute…i couldn’t stand it!!!

you were so…soft & loving & gentle…something i definitely didn’t embody at the time…but really needed

i couldn’t leave you behind, not even for a second, so i bought you then & there

there i was…a 19 year old (almost) single mom

all of us went to visit papa (my dad) at work which was nearby

i wanted to use Abby as a buffer so i wouldn’t get yelled at for bringing you home without asking

my dads secretary was THRILLED & really talked him into the situation (we were lucky)

& that was that…

you hung out in my purse for as long as you could...

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bringing d i v i n i t y down into the d a i l y

Jan 04, 2022

watch HERE

bringing d i v i n i t y down into the d a i l y

a challenge…

how much can you
honor, respect & make sacred

the body
& especially,
the mundane

building the 2022 vision in my heart x womb…before any action is taken

mm mm mmmmmmmm

…can’t wait to share what i’m cooking

words in reel from A.F

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intimidation & you own power

Jan 04, 2022

i will always intimidate you... unitl you look in the mirror ... & accept your own Pu$$y Vegenius & Power

Read client message HERE

i’ve had a number of you message me lately & tell me how intimidated by me you are

what I want to remind you…

is that the intimidation you feel…

is really about your own power

the nerves you feel…the high sensations in your body…the arousal & pull…inside of you…

is not to M E

it is to Y O U

your Highest Expression is calling…

i’m just the lucky one who gets to mirror your own magic

we are all guiding each other home. it’s not a cliche. it’s a Truth.

i am here standing for your bigness…your embodiment…& your freedom

i will always intimidate you…until you look in the mirror…& accept your own Pussy Vagenius & Power

until then…you will think i am different than you…

& your ego will make excuses about why it’s not...

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🐍 two truths can exist at the same time

Jan 03, 2022

two truths can exist at the same time

the most common 2021 reflection i’ve heard was ‘this was the best & worst year’

in the midst of all the chaos…

i, just like you, feel the luckiest

the energy felt heavy these last few weeks

with lots of things coming to a head…the white head popped…the bomb went off & there’s debris everywhere (you too?)

& i still feel the luckiest

what’s grounded me the most is remembering that i am the creator…

everything before me for my Highest Good…& theirs

we are moving in a direction that requires us to be clear, conscious, sovereign & in our choice now more than ever - can you feel it?

infinite gratitude for the rupture & rapture cycle

…teaching, stretching, expanding, opening…

i surrender to you

pictured: me in the midst of holiday relational chaos…smiling to the ethers…full of sister goddess love & client vulva presents thank you for...

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calling in your ideal partner & lover

Dec 31, 2021

before i actually met paul, i really wanted to believe there was a man that could hold all of me

but i wasn’t totally convinced

i wasn’t sure where to place myself for him to find me

you know, feminine energetics & all ;)


where the f am i gonna meet a man that is both mission driven & heart centered, is equally as boujee as he is spiritual, has done his fair share of ego work, celebrates a sexually liberated woman & isn’t threatened by his partner’s power?

as unusual as it sounds

i’ve had some of the BEST luck on dating apps!

my mentor would always tell me to create a course on “how to do online dating” bc i usually log in, find a fucking gem & peace out

the men i’ve dated in Denver have become some of the best male friends i’ve ever had

…one of them even became my video editor :)

to me,

it’s a combination of where you’re at energetically in your search + how you show up AND where you...

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brags & celebrations

Dec 30, 2021

i brag & celebrate this b o d y after xmas treats + day 3 of a deathening moon

i brag i know x trust my body - to the deepest of depths - & rely on it to guide my every step

…dodging ‘shoulds’ & ‘shouldnts’ like a ninja goddess

i brag i got my new jag chrome deleted & tinted

i brag xmas ‘vacation’ was the hardest mountain i’ve had to climb in a long time…& we made it out a l i v e with a lot to integrate

i brag i spent 3 hours in bed this morning...on a call with my coach…burning ganj together…& signing on for a year of mentorship at 40k!

i brag it’s my highest investment!

i brag i have a Connection Call today with my priestesses of IN THE FLESH Mystery School & i can’t wait to do pleasure first with themmmmmm!

i brag i invested 22k for an exquisite rebrand & new website…& another 21k for a phenomenal PR team!

i brag i could maintain my lifestyle & not need to...

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