You weren’t born to fit into the box society gave you…

Oct 21, 2023

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ou weren’t born to fit into the box society gave you…

In relationships. Love. Business. Spirituality. Sex. Or expression.

You were meant to break the rules. Find a new way. And bring something never been done before into creation.

I know you’re scared.

But I know your fire is bigger than your fears.


Get out of your own way & take the step you really want to make.

The world is waiting for you.

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POV: you build a home gym ...

Oct 20, 2023

POV: you build a home gym ... naked yoga @ @venusvalleyboulder coming right up

P.S. For 2 weeks only, ALL of my courses inside of THE GODDESS APPROACH ™ is on sale as a 2k bundle (a 19k value)!

IN THE FLESH Mystery School is filling up & we start 12/8! I can’t wait to see you thrive as a practitioner of this sacred work

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The Goddess Approach Bundle

Oct 17, 2023


Every single one of these courses are a journey into your body & being.

They cover the 4 domains of pelvic health: biochemistry, biomechanics, scar tissue & incredible depth so you can reclaim these areas of your soul body.

These programs are filled with both short practices you can do during the day, to longer sacred rituals for deeper work, to partner practices & sacred sexuality.

Journal prompts & audio transmissions to hold you to your highest health, wealth & service.

All of you is welcome here

Only available until 10/30 & then she’s gone

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Psychedelics vs somatic bodywork

Oct 15, 2023


Your pelvis is calling you home. She is rich & wise & full of wisdom for you. Your tissues know more than your conscious mind ever could. She will show you your truth

3 ways to come home to your pelvic bowl & feminine power:
GODDESS APPROACH BUNDLE - all my courses & a bonus workshop for 2k (19k value ) - limited time & then she’s gone forever!
IN THE FLESH Mystery School - learn hands on/in somatic Sexological bodywork & step into your dharma as a sexual healer starts 12/8
1:1 VENUS IMMERSIONS - sacred, intimate 1:1 bodywork for healing & expansion - booking for end of the year/new year

You know where to find me

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What to look for in a somatic bodyworker and coach

Oct 14, 2023


The part about it being a reflection of self with self Would love to hear your thoughts on this

IN THE FLESH Mystery School is my 7 month Facilitator Training for women who want to become a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker…

I’ll be teaching you how to work with the body in a way that creates Quantum Transformation through SAFETY & connection.

This is how we heal.

If you’re not ready to become a practitioner of Somatic Sexology but still want to dive into this work:

I cannot recommend The Goddess Approach Bundle enough - ALL my courses on embodiment, health, wealth & more - for 2k (normally 19k)

It’s only on sale for the next 10 days & then she’s gone forever!

BONUS: if you want to do both - PM me & I’ll share a special deal

Comment ‘GODDESS’ for the link for the bundle

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One day or day one?

Oct 13, 2023


POV: 5 years ago you were broke, mooching off your brother while you came home to yourself after relationship heartbreak + built your biz…and now…this is the 1.4 mil property you own in Boulder CO

(A rare offer you won’t want to miss!)

I wouldn’t have ever gotten here if I didn’t get past my fears & step out of my own way if I didn’t descend into my own depths & shadows to reclaim the truth of who I really am..

I was committed to having a day one everyday if that’s what it was gonna take!

Since ’18, I’ve transformed my in person biz from 0 to 6 figs in 6 months & continued from there to multi 6 figure launches & 100k clients.

Everything from leadership, to relationship dynamics, communication, somatic healing & embodiment, money & purpose are poured into…

My methodology, The Goddess Approach™

I want to help you quantum transform the relationship you have with your body & step into...

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Who do you need to be to manifest what you want?

Oct 13, 2023


There once was a girl who moved from NY to CO with a big dream of big impact & big love

She had wide eyes, a fierce hunger & a whole lot to say

So she started a podcast, shared all her stories & learnings, & gave her vision everything she got

6 years later..

she owns a 1.4 mil retreat house in Boulder CO & helps women come home to their bodies all over the globe

She holds a Mystery School teaching women how to do Somatic Bodywork & Sex Coaching (which by the way starts 12/8!) & does overnight sleepover immersions with soul sister clients

She’s fallen in love with herself & the people around her in ways she never used to know possible

IT ME! I have lived the answers to these questions, EVERY single day

And POURRRRED my trainings, lived experience, proven frameworks & client results into The Goddess Approach methodology…

I scaled to multi 6 figure launches & 100k clients by healing from the inside out & teaching others how to...

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New Instagram handle!

Oct 12, 2023

We’ve officially entered a new era @mistressofthebody

P.S. On Monday, the Goddess Approach™ Bundle becomes available for the first & last time ever.

All 5 courses from the methodology + a Bonus Workshop when you jump in during the first 72 hours of the sale

(Peep the courses on my pinned ‘ways to play in my world’ post)

More details to come!

You can also look at my About Me page on for the cray cray timeline of creation & what to look forward to inside the bundle

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Oct 12, 2023


Before I had the relationship I have with my sexuality today, I was hiding it. My desires. My erotic map. The way I wanted to live & express.

That kept me in relationships & patterns where the men I was with weren’t acting in integrity with their sex.

They were leaky. They were in their Lying Hider.

But, so was I.

To be in integrity is to be in truth. To let all parts of yourself be free & fully online. To not repress desires or impulses or love (doesn’t mean you always act on them). The truth of you. To come into deep intimacy with these parts of you is to be in integrity with the self. That’s when you start finding yourself surrounded by the right people, for you.

Ps. This is what the work looks like inside the Goddess Approach bundle dropping Monday (specifically Awaken Your Divine Feminine) 2k for the whole series & a bonus workshop

And, IN THE FLESH, we’ll be getting into the deepest parts of ourselves in these places, bodywork...

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You’re TOO BIG to fit in a box 🥹

Oct 11, 2023

There’s such a thing as holistic inclusion…

Where you bring in all of your tools & gifts to whoever sits before you.

It comes down to packaging & positioning

You’re enrolling someone into a journey

That’s what you’re selling

And IME over the last 13yrs as a coach

the more multidimensionality you unlock inside of yourself

the more it will unlock in others

Your clients will/do love you for that

P.S. Inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School, I’ll be teaching you how to bring all of your skillsets & wisdom together through this work…so you can stand as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker. So the right people can more easily find you. And you can more easily create the revenue you desire.

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