Submission & Empowered Femininity

Jun 01, 2021

Submission & Empowered Femininity

You can be a successful woman & still be a submissive. They can BOTH exist - but not at the same time same place, & especially not in the bedroom.

The deep yearning in our feminine hearts to let go of full control & be taken by our lover, asks us to actually L E T G O! And allow him to lead.

LOVE S3X MEN - heal the wounds of the masculine, evoke your submissive, and open to deep intimacy x connection open for application! Click the link in bio

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When They Told You to Become an Independent Woman & Need No Man

Jun 01, 2021

I’m gonna say it

Our fierce independency as women in this modern day world is beautiful


It really doesn’t leave a lot of space for partnership

Relationships are evolving
Gender roles have changed
& the gender binary is now a spectrum

I believe all of this...

I also believe in POLARITY & finding what feels good for YOU, in your body, & your relationships.

For me, and most of the women I meet & work with…

There’s a deep craving for a man to lead

…a yearning to be taken care of & cared for (despite our ability & great success we’ve had in doing it on our own)

Men are the protectors & providers

If we:
constantly take control
always provide for ourselves
call the shots
& tell everyone else what to do

we probably get shit DONE in life & have MAJOR conflict in relationship.

We are fighting for the top with our men

And leave little space for them to come in & fulfill their sacred role.

Men don’t want to compete with their...

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10 things my new tattoos remind me of

May 31, 2021

10 Things these new babies reminded me of...

Tattoos hurt.
Our body can only take so much.
No matter how strong we think we are, there are still things that can hurt us.
Being out of the body is sometimes a great thing.
Every part of our body feels pain, which means every part of our body can feel pleasure.
Social media is extremely distracting.
It’s okay to hug ourselves.
Numbing ourselves to the pain may get us through, but eventually it’ll all sink in, & we’ll need to feel it to heal it.
It feels great to lean on others when we’re at this stage.
The healing process is itchy & uncomfortable, but something beautiful is on the other side.

What was the biggest lesson you learned last week?

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When you think about getting back on hinge

May 29, 2021

Having so much fun with all of these

Delete re-download delete re-download

I’ve had the most fun/luck with @hinge!

I always find gems on there that after a few dates & no clear future, we stay friends

What’s your favorite dating app? (IG counts)

LAST CHANCE for the Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers Workshop happening today! And LOVE S3X MEN is OPEN for enrollment!!! Links in bio

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Triggers in Relationships

May 27, 2021


Does it feel like you’re always critiquing your partner? Out loud or in your head?

Like no matter what they do you just keep finding something that bothers / frustrates you?

And they can feel it too?


Note: Triggers...they’re good. Great for healing. That’s when the real work in relationship begins.


I feel like most of us, are not actually w the ‘right’ people (and by right, I mean we tolerate behavior we shouldn’t) and because of this, EMOTIONAL REACTIONS happen (different than triggers) because it’s our Inner Being SCREAMING to get OUT.

P.S. Calling in your ideal partners & Lovers Workshop is Saturday! and LOVE SEX MEN opens for enrollment Saturday too info & sign up in bio

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If you keep attracting the same kind of person over & over again in relationship but thought you did the work..

May 27, 2021

If you keep attracting the same kind of person over & over again in relationship but thought you did the work..

Know you DID do the work

The problem isn’t that the same person with a different face came into your life

It’s that you gave them your number

Every time I’ve said goodbye to a relationship, it’s felt like graduation day‍

Know the feel?

Except, when someone new would come in, they’d have the same qualities as the last one

It was always better...

but it was really just
‘same same but [a little] different’

Ya know?

If you’re looking for something different, you have to CHOOSE & DO different.

You DID & are DOING the work

Keep CHOOSING you & let go of familiar faces

There doesn’t always have to be a REASON the same person came in

*Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers* Workshop happens SATURDAY!

This workshop will support you in becoming MAGNETIC to the relationships that are best for you while current...

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Talking to Your Best Friend About Boy Problems

May 26, 2021

Ladies! I know it’s REAL easy to bash the men in our lives & talk

...but it’ll never get us what we want‍

If the men we’re in relationship with act like boys & we don’t want to put up with the nonsense, we need to stop waiting for ‘the change’, & realize it’s not on us to support their process (i.e. be the coach, therapist, emotional regulator)

CARRYING them through the work is different than ACTIVATING their self awareness & growth.

There really are no exceptions.

Making change in relationship DOES boil down to you‍

...boundaries + knowing what you are & are NOT available for‍


Make a list of:
1what you ARE available for
2what you ARE NOT available for
in your relationships.

Say goodbye to the ‘are not’ list & burn it, rip it, shred it - don’t save it for safe keeping

Take your ‘are’ list’ & reevaluate your relationships.

Anyone not make the cut? Set your...

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Happy Eclipse

May 26, 2021

Don’t forget to dance under the moon

I can’t wait for Womb Room (my seasonal moon circle offering!)

I’m taking an astrology course & just started a shaman program & it’s deepening my connection to the elements x seasons even more

Find me on Spotify @juliannevaccaro for my favorite music selections dance & dance 2 are on this frequency

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Taking on Other Peoples Issues in Relationships

May 25, 2021

My Relationship Dramas

I’m going to get straight to the point...

I grew up in a dangerously abusive household

My soul made it very clear from an early age, that I was here to unravel big generational patterns & evolve in the realm of relationships

These experiences triggered a series of abusive relationships

Three of which ended in court orders

& one being impregnated without consent

I was so dedicated to ‘the work’, that I stayed in each of those relationships way past their expiration

I kept thinking:
if I can just fix this, then it’ll end
if I can just be better, then he’ll stop
if I can show him I love him more, then he’ll see me

(Replicating my younger self with my caregivers)

It never worked

**I made their issues my issues, which was my issue**

This was a result of not wanting to feel the hurt & pain done to me from an early age

And a trauma response to those experiences

Out of ‘self protection’, I fawned (4th trauma response) &...

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Bottom up approach for Healing Trauma

May 24, 2021

"It just keeps getting better! It really does! I'm having the best sex of my life. He goes down on me every time & makes my pleasure a priority & I fucking love it. I'm here for it! I've been making so much money at work. YES! Obviously, the pleasure and money go hand in hand. It's INSANE to see it all play out! It's been so divine, so pleasurable. I'm putting myself first . It's magic. Thank you for existing. Thank you for helping me unlock all of these things." - SJ 


Receiving messages like these from my Goddess Embodied clients is everything

These women who get on my table are warrior goddesses who go deep into the shadows to come out on the other side.

It’s serious work! And serious play!

**The way you show up in the bedroom is the way you show up in every other area of your life**

The people around you learn how to treat you, your body & your yoni based off of how you treat yourself, body & yoni.

Trauma lives in the body.

Working with a bottom...

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