what makes your Pussy sing?!

Oct 09, 2021

when investing your money in things that make your pussy sing

you receive your investment back ten fold

because you invested in the energy of 'this is gonna make me fuckign wettttt'

  rather than,

'i need this'

(i.e. follow your joy & it creates more joy)

2 birthdays ago,

i bought myself my first diamond ring

it blew my havingness 'limit' out of the water

& then 3 months later, i bought myself another diamond ring

this time, 3x as big

these investments are something I look down at my hands to everyday

...as a reminder of Who I Am

...what I'm capable of creating

& that my havingness potential is limitless

this is how it works when you start moving through life with Pussy in the front seat

$he always rewards

this is my secret

to investing in coaches & trainings

(& how i've made the investment back before the container stars/is over

asking pussy, 'what woudl turn me on the most?'

not, how much does this cost?'

i started doing...

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everything we want we have to create in the body first

Oct 08, 2021

everything we want
we have to create in the body first

if we want space
we have to Know
in the body
what space feels like

if we want more energy
we have to play
with energy
in the body

we have to build it

if we want to be done with the fear we have about making a decision

we have to figure out what the opposite of that fear feels like
in our body
& then go play in that energy

…more than the amount of time we spend in the fear

everything we want
we create through the body first

if you’re flirting with IN THE FLESH

the only thing that’ll take you out of indecision

is deciding i want this..more than i want this other thing

& then do what you need to do to make the path to that choice the thing you do & be of the time

even when the fear is there
because it always will be

i thoroughly enjoy alchemizing fear into excitement…

through deep breaths
tuning into pu$$y
staying plugged into the high sensations
& feeling my heart

how about you?

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Oct 07, 2021


The 5 Erotic Blueprints






Energetic- superpower altered states of consciousness & getting turned on without touch. Shadow: if it goes too quick too fast, you short circuit. hard time speaking up on boundaries.

Sexual: Superpower: can go 0-60 real fucking quick. Shadow: misses the journey & can get hyper focused on the outcome x orgasms.

Sensual: Superpower: full body orgasms. Shadow: don't like mess & gets distracted by things in the room.

Kinky: Superpower: creative AF & never ending pleasure. Shadow: deep shame & getting stuck in the same sexual turn on

Shapeshifter: the superpowers of every blueprint falls to the shapeshifter. Shadow: the shadows of every blueprint falls to the shapeshifter. 

if you know, drop it in the comments…i’m an Energetic Shapeshifter

i became an Erotic Blueprint™ Coach in 2020 after i went pu$$y first into somatics, sexuality, &...

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we don't need more information

Oct 06, 2021

we don't need more information

we need more time spent in our bodies 

bringing knowledge down into embodied wisdom 

i’m calling you out content junkie

the one who loves to do all the courses & certifications & trainings

….hi, previous version of me

i love this part of myself…& i love this part of you

but at some point [real soon]

you’re gonna need to slow down

& integrate everything you’ve learned

that’s why IN THE FLESH

is a 10 month Mystery School

that not only educates & teaches

but fills you up with 5 *experientiallllll* pu$$y filled in-person events

….because I don’t care how much you KNOW

i care what that BODY do

what that FREQUENCY is

& how you BE

…that’s why people are gonna pay you & want your services

it’s not about a certification

it’s about your BEING-NESS

when that lands

freedom becomes yours
& so does the business

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if you know this work is for you…you already know this work is for you

Oct 06, 2021

if you know this work is for you…you already know this work is for you

i honor your process of ‘sitting with it’

but my question is

if you’re feeling the call to be IN THE FLESH

…you keep dreaming about it….

…flirting with it….

…feeling pu$$y so turned on & wet for it…

…body’s been asking for a space like this to go deeper because you know you’re MEANT for this….

my question is…

what are you REALLY waiting for now?

what are you looking for when you ‘sit with it’?

what’s the thing you THINK you neeed in order to say yes?

because i already hear your YES

(& i know you do, too)

it’s actually now just about deciding….& committing yourself to this next level of work

not just for YOU…but for your clients…& for your vision

those parts of you that are contemplating….

“can i really do THIS?”

are nervous & scared because they know...

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i stand for...

Oct 06, 2021

i stand for freedom.
i stand for truth.
i stand for sovereignty.

i stand for your bigness.

i stand as your mirror.

i stand for the road less traveled.

i stand for your infinite beauty & abundance.

i stand for limitless possibilities.

i stand for the impossible.
i stand for the orga$mic.
i stand for ecstasy.

i stand for you.
i stand for me.
i stand for we.

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Oct 05, 2021


a beauuuutiful story of a somatic sexological session with a client

when you work with me, you fill out an intake form with all of your remembered history (sexual, trauma, relational, etc.)


what comes up on the table is RARELY what is in that form…or what’s talked about in pre-coaching

> the body keeps score <

& when you’re in a safe, supported, surrendered space, with a trusted practitioner….

your TISSUE reveals more than your CONSCIOUS MIND ever could

for the somatic portion, i worked on her HEART space

& fuck, did she crack open

i held her for 45 min as I energetically opened her up & cracked the armor around her heart

the intention - to be able to feel SAFE, respect & adoration for men

to enter into loving union with her own inner masculine & men around her

she purged & released yrs of sadness…neglect of her own heart…& pain of not letting love in

she gorgeously weeped &...

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When someone asks for my time for free

Oct 05, 2021

i don’t have any 1:1 offerings available under 5 figures…

i went from $0 cash months + charging $1200 for my coaching…..to 30k 1:1 enrollments + a multi 6 figure biz

& those numbers keep going up…if you’re interested in working together…now’s your time to get in before it’s 40,50,60k+

BEFORE you see this as another IG coach screaming ‘MORE $ MORE $ MORE $’….
i want you to know….

i’ve had a lot of RESISTANCE in increasing my rates over the years

initially i didn’t….i scaled rather quickly

but then…..i expanded so much….that i started to BUCKLE

& i wanted to crawl in a hole….because out of nowhere….all of this fear….shame….& guilt dropped in


I WANT TO SHARE what has helped me move through those limiting beliefs & fear mongrels

the juice that has helped me CONTINUE to scale x grow….while staying in INTEGRITY to my truths &...

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