i am not a woman of ‘this or that’

Feb 05, 2022

running a multi6fig biz (& on the way to your dillion’s & zillions💃🏼💎) doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time.

…just like being a leader doesn’t mean you have to drop your $exy🔥

on a mastermind call this morning i shared…

“i am the leader & the damsel’


i am not a woman of ‘this or that’

…& neither are you.

the voice inside your head..that tells you to choose..between..

loud or loved
messy or successful
independent or cared for
rich bitch or friendless

is lying.

& it’s not your voice.

when you hear it, that’s when you call on your tools (plea$ure x pu$$y)

+ your sisters.

that is your medicine.
that is your truth.
that is your essence.

…you are so profound.

don’t forget it 😽


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