how do you know if you're a primarily Sensual Erotic Blueprint?

Nov 05, 2021

how do you know if you're a primarily Sensual Erotic Blueprint?

…think candles, beautiful music, indulging food, pleasurable fragrances, massaging touch…

an environment that engages ๐˜ข๐˜ญ๐˜ญ the senses!

with a Sensual,
๐˜ฆ๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ๐˜บ moment is foreplay

๐˜ฆ๐˜ท๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ๐˜บ moment
is an opportunity for pleasure

a superpower of this blueprint are full-body org@sms - those aren’t half bad either

we’re going to be diving pu$$y first into the Erotic Blueprint framework in the IN THE FLESH Mystery School…finding what truly makes your sexual body, your life force energy, tickโ€ผ

&…it’ll be happening in Vegas ….i’m bringing all my wigs howboutyouuuu

it’s one of the ๐˜ฎ๐˜ข๐˜ฏ๐˜บ things i have in store for those of you who choose this as the next step on your path!

is that you? DM me & let’s see if Mystery School is the right fit for both of us!

p.s. celebrating another Goddess who joined IN THE FLESH! she’s a therapist who is going to rock her industry...

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i bought my first $ex toy at 21

Nov 04, 2021

i bought my first $ex toy at 21

quietly…while my ex bf was at work

the website i ordered from showed up as an incognito charge + address label

the amount of SHAME i held in this purchase was so big

(no wonder the company i chose ‘protected’ their customers like no one would catch them…goddess forbid)

i wouldn’t have even known it was shame if you asked me…i would have thought it was ‘just the way it was’

that’s what good, lovable girls do…yah?

i remember in that relationship, i was really only able to have $ex when i drank myself into it

i didn’t know what to do about it…but i also didn’t want to deal with it

i hid that pink jackrabbitin the back of my closet, never to be found

i barely used it

but when i did,
i only used it on the outside

i didn’t really like being penetrated…def not from myself

it made me feel dirty, greedy - like whoever really enjoyed that…was ‘that...

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Nov 03, 2021

the work isn't about getting their approval

the work is about standing in your truth even when they dont.


by the amount of incredibly Successful, Beautiful, Vagenius Women (yes, yes) who have a full 'fuck yes' in their system to IN THE FLESH 

but shrink their desire when the voice says, "but what will your partner think of you then?

this is my most loving call 'in'

to those of you here who have BIG desires, BIG PUSSY ENERGY, & BIG fucking missions

but get scared by 'what other people think'

....'specially your MAN!

let me tell you...

the relationship you're in that feels so special....the one you almost DOUBT sharing your true desires & FULL self in just so it doesn't go away-

is EXACTLY where you're supposed to be with the EXACT fear you're supposeddddd to be having

because until you declare & claim what you ARE & ARE NOT available for in your LIFE - first & foremost with yourSelf & from your own inner ego-


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more client testimonials

Nov 03, 2021

read testimonial HERE

i want you to know…

that your yearning for

something greater
something deeper
something wider

is a call from the deep dark mysteries

it’s a call
in a frequency
you’ve now opened yourself to hearing

[something you didn’t notice before]

because you’re ready…now

all of the work you’ve done up until this moment…has led you here

to answer thissss call

keep listening
keep answering
keep honoring

…the truth
from beyond
that arises
deep inside of you

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learn how to do 'dirty' talk in your partner's Erotic Blueprint

Nov 02, 2021

ready to get mmm so gewwwwwdddd at ‘DIRTY’ TALK?!

i’ve got you boo…come play with me this weekend to learn how to talk ‘dirty’ in your partner’s Erotic Blueprint!

i must say…you’re here at a PHENOMINAL time

‘cause i’ve got multiple ways for you to get all up in my world right now…

(note: ALL workshops are recorded & replays get sent out within 24hrs….if you can’t make it LIVE…you can sign up anyway & watch it at your own convenience —

i highly recommend doing this for 2 REASONS…

1the investment goes up after the workshop ‘airs’…so basically you receive an early bird discount when you enroll sooner than later ;)

2i run a very feminine biz — i don’t plan on doing workshops twice. when i get the intuitive hit…i launch something…& i don’t plan on doing it again. so if you want to jump in but feel like waiting til next time -...

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what if instead of feeling in fear of your felt turned on?

Nov 02, 2021

what if instead of feeling in fear of your felt turned on?

during a group somatic release i led...the feedback after the anger burn was, 'i got really aroused'

YES, we're allowed! feel pleasure in the struggle feel turned on by the animal that lives within feel titillated by your primal emtions

feel into it...

what would change for you if rather than going into fear...into the 'what if'-

you got turned on by the unknown?

the uncertainty?

the challenge the universe delivers?

what if when you feel fear...

you breathe

sink deeper into your soul

into your body

into pussy

& let it move you

...opening yourself to the high sensations & maybe even ...get off on it ;)

Mother Nature doesn't turn down her bigness because of others perception + reception, or because she's 'too much'

she doesn't think

she just BEs

she rises

in all her wild woman glory

& creates the storm

we, get the honor to play in it

anyone scared of your anger is scared...

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testimonials from an outrageously delicious Erotic Blueprintโ„ข

Oct 30, 2021

testimonials from an outrageously delicious Erotic Blueprint™ Workshop!…..andddddd the good news is….there’s anothaaaa one on 11/7โ€ผ


we’ll be…
connecting 1:1
learning about the blueprints
experiencing the blueprints in our bodies

you’ll discover…
your turn ons / turn offs
learning who you are as an erotic being
what to ask for + how to ask for it

i’ll also be doing a demo with someone LIVE!

if you have no idea what the Blueprints are…

read previous posts & watch Sex Love & @goop on @netflix to see what it’s all about from my mentor Jaiya!

ready to play? dm me for the sign up link for the workshop

p.s. we have a WHOLE WEEKEND dedicated to the Erotic Blueprints inside IN THE FLESH….in Vegas….so you better bring your erotic personas

want to see if one of the last few spots could be yours? i’m here to chat! you know where to find me

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when a woman is disconnected from her sexuality, it shows up in every area of her life

Oct 29, 2021

when a woman is disconnected from her sexuality - her life force - it shows up in every area of her life

the longer it goes unnoticed or brushed off like it ain't no thing...

the louder the body has to get in order to grab her attention

maybe at first it's less creativity

shrinking self trust.


then, emotional disconnect.

a quieter voice. 

loss of sense of self.

lack of fulfillment x happiness

next, the physical manifestations set in...

hormonal imbalance

digestive issues

the need to micromanage & control

everything (especially food, movement, people, business, & outcomes)

when we're 

*living out of alignment with who we really are

*disconnected from our true essence

*neglecting our pleasure

*& shunning x shaming our pure, erotic nature...

the body feels that. the body knows

& our soul...

is going to lead us to the opportunities that will help us Remember

so, I ask you...

*are you listening?

*are you awake to your soul signals?


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pleasure is not something you DO in private when no one is looking

Oct 29, 2021

pleasure is not something you DO in private when no one is looking 

pleasure is a way of BE-ing

it's an experience you can have in every moment

every action & every interaction

pleasure is not a task

it's who you are as an erotic being by nature

quit depriving the world of your pleasure!!!

we want + need MORE OF YOU!!!

what would you do if you found me like this in your kitchen?

Watch HERE
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PSA stress decreases arousal... our ability to 'turn on'

Oct 28, 2021

PSA stress decreases arousal... our ability to 'turn on'

& overtime...can affect the vaginal tissue

is stress affecting your ability to drop into pleasure & have deep, full body orgasms?

i've got 4 TIPS for you

as a purpose driven woman...

you know shifting from Boss Lady to Sensual Goddess can be a hardddd switch

when we try to get Sexy with ourselves + lover/s...

it often feels like...

(A) our turn on isn't there

(B) we can't access our sexual energy

(C) we get hella stuck in our heads


this isn't a head thing-

it's a BODY thing

stress not only impacts the health of our gut

(where 70% of our immune system & 90% of our neurotransmitters live - hello happy, motivating hormones) also prevents blood flow to our genitals

this disrupts our sexual response as our body adjusts to support cortisol increase over feeling pleasure

Tip #1


tend to your nervous system...let your body down regulate...breath...cultivate calm energy... surrender...

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