life is...different

Feb 07, 2022

yesterday after a fun photoshoot with the best in town @jamesreimanphoto (gold, snow, fur - can’t wait to show you the juice🧃)

@therealsimplyoli & i chatted about how much we’ve changed over the last year + how different our lives feel..


…were my reflections

it feels…different…

i’m making more money💰, attracting the most badass, aligned clients👯‍♂️, running a 10 month Somatic Sexology Mystery School + 6figure coaching clients🪶, doing less & less & less in my biz, traveling more 🧳, investing more

..loving more
..holding WAY more

the ‘different’ i from not having MY actual hands in all of the active, ongoing projects

or showcasing it to the world in ways i’m used to📱

i’m a highly creative, innovative, MG, enneagram 7, virgo sun with a rising libra & about 4 planets in leo

— my pu$$Y vageniussss be big (but not any bigger than yours 👅) who has a lotta energy + spits out ideas 24/7

…ask my team how many v notes i send them at 6 am😹

the last year has been a journey of creating even more systems, building the best team I could have ever asked for, setting solid structures

& letting go of c o n t r o l + the need to do it all, or do it all alone, or do it the bestttt way (the way you do it will always be your BEST way😽)

the result?

i now have a lot of BABIES 😹

my ‘mothering’ looks much different than it used to..

but i’m still over here birthing big things

i may have a lot of support with the ‘babies’..

but i’m still the mama

& that has required A LOT of rest, recovery, space x time

+ a whole lot less ‘sharing’

…i like it over here..this way

it’s an adjustment
& a sacred gift to myself 💖

may you realize how many ‘babies’ you have
& how much r e s t your bigness requires

it’s no joke

…’cause you’re no joke😉

keep evolving, keep adjusting, keep meeting yourself exactly where you are💫


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