🚨there’s a fucking PROBLEM here🚨

Sep 15, 2021

“unworthy of motherhood”

one of the *many* reasons women don’t reclaim their sexuality is because they are afraid of THIS.

…being attacked, rejected, abandoned
…their closest friends cutting them out
…partners calling them names
…the church turning their back

all due to the fucked up misconception of what it means to be a sexually liberated woman.

my insides boil when i read these comments.
i want to go to war when i hear these things.

not for me.

& not because i want to fight, nevertheless in a war against ignorance.

but because i know just how many women are out there, right now, SUFFERING because of THIS.

sister, i fight for you everyday.

& i KNOW you’re fighting for me.

we fight the patriarchy & support the REBELLION every time we feel the fear & do it anyway.

every time we want to close but choose to OPEN.

every time we have an ORGA$M.
every time we make a dollar.
every time we RISE in our work.
every time we SPEAK our truth.


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making sounds can bring up all the shtuffffff…

Sep 14, 2021

making sounds can bring up all the shtuffffff…

fear of being too much
fear of being too loud
fear of sounding stupid
fear of making the wrong sound

[all impossible btw ]

but baby girl, making sounds moves the ENERGY

…and that’s the stuff that gives you the breakthrough to FREEDOM

+ high levels of ecstatic orga$mic pleasure #YUM

Join me & voice expert @jessica.sirena this Saturday for Becoming Your Own Best Lover workshop series — come make sounds with your sisters ‍

dm me for the link to sign up!

Watch HERE

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Owning Your MUCHNESS & Letting Go Of What Other People Think

Sep 14, 2021

Owning Your MUCHNESS & Letting Go Of What Other People Think

…a coaching moment from my 8 week program LOVE SEX MEN!

ready to work together? here’s how to get in on the alchemy

1 Becoming Your Own Best Lover Workshop Series w/ @jessica.sirena…..this SATURDAY 9/18!

Links in bio.


my facilitator training for women who want to expand themselves & toolbox in somatics, sexuality, embodiment & the GoddessApproach™

the only details i can tell you is it’s 10 months, 5 in-person weekends, + a ton of content in between

Send me a DM for details.

3 i have a few last spots left for 1:1 Somatic Coaching & Mentorship…..for high level women ready to reclaim their body & pu$$y to play wild & big! the possibilities are INFINITE

you see where i started.
you see what i’ve created.

i can’t wait to help support you in creating a turned on life filled with pleasure, purpose, power & play.


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Orgasms are one of the healthiest forms of stress relief

Sep 13, 2021

stepping into my power = giving myself permission to say…..”fuck off, fuck you, & fuck this”….to the energies i’m no longer available for……WITHOUT remorse or an over explanation as to ‘why’

….it wasn’t until i turned on PU$$Y that this permission came about & actually felt so. damn. GOOOOOOOD in my body…

it wasn’t the words, per se — although telling someone to “fuck off” really does feel good rolling off the tongue

it was the connection to my power center….aka pleasure center….that brought me this level of freedom

Join me & voice expert @jessica.sirena this Saturday to explore new realms of your sensuality in the Becoming Your Own Best Lover workshop series

we’re committed to getting your “fuck you” unlocked & unleashed ….

…because without the “FUCK” there’s no “LOVE”…

send me a...

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Julianne Vaccaro LLC News & Happenings

Sep 12, 2021

babes! i have some titillating happenings in my world & i’ve been salivatinggg waiting to tell you….wanna hear?

1 i’ve been teasing you with my school for coaches long enough — women who want to learn somatics, sexuality, embodiment & the GoddessApproach™.........the time has come!


it’s one of my deepest pu$$y desires.
& i’m so fucking turned on by this container x the women about to go on this ride with me! you have no ideeaaaaaaa how much your life is about to change!

2 JV LLC is expanding - we brought on TWO new team members! ‍

my highest goddess keeps telling me, ‘what you’re building is to be built by & with your sisters. it’s too big to go it alone.’ i feel so IGNITED by the collaborations at play.

3 Becoming Your Own Best Lover Workshop Series w/ @jessica.sirena continues! Event # 2 is this SATURDAY 9/18!

We are focusing on...

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your physical pain is a spiritual lesson

Sep 11, 2021

we hold emotions, memories, trauma / negative experiences, & limiting beliefs in the body. the mind is not separate.

as i went through my somatic healing journey, i felt my body relax & open like i never knew before.

the aches & pains & symptoms I thought were normal, or didn’t even recognize were there (you don’t know how hard you’re holding until you let go), simply dissipated.

the mystery pain in my back i carried for over a decade that doctors couldn’t explained magically resolved.

the hip pain & surgery i had in hs finally made sense.

the pain during sex turned to intense pleasure & i could receive deeper.

it was all emotional pain stored in my body.

the magic i experienced didn’t stop there.

my business revenue 3x.
i came into unwavering confidence.
i started expressing myself in ways i always wanted but didn’t know how.
i became more & more recognized for my work in the world.

my clients were having phenomenal results like...

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my mission is to set women free

Sep 09, 2021

i have a deep desire…

to make normal these raw states.
to witness you in these raw states.
to create circles for these raw states.

there’s an inner animal inside of me that is constantly clawing her way to get out.

(and i know she’s inside of you, too)

she begs for permission to come out & play.

“please, let me move WITH you” - she says.

when my wild woman is repressed & unexpressed — the fight…the sounds…the energy — the C H A OS…

it moves up into my head

because it has nowhere else to go!

(it’s what happens to ALL of us!)

it comes out sideways…in beautifully crafted false narratives about my smallness & wrongness.

these narratives are a result of the unprocessed E-motions — ENERGY in MOTION

they’re not THE truth
they’re not MY truth
they’re not YOUR truth

my mission is to set women free.

to bring them home to their bodies & selves.
to reconnect them with their wild woman &...

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In The Flesh Mystery School - for facilitators is cummminngggggggg!!!!

Sep 08, 2021

training is the cherry on top of your embodied, lived experience

In The Flesh Mystery School - for facilitators is cummminngggggggg!!!!

what you should REALLY be asking yourself if you want to go into the world of somatics….is “have i INVESTED in my OWN somatic healing journey?”

or are you looking to cut straight to the textbook & just learn it to teach it?

while your intentions might be good (i want this to serve my clients better), you can’t teach what hasn’t yet been experienced in your OWN. body. FIRST!

here’s my two cents…

edit: there WILL be somatic sexological bodywork in the mystery school training! dm me for info. we start in december.

Watch HERE

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you can have a plan, but Spirit has one better

Sep 07, 2021

my love @pd215 found an Italian woman who uses Active Astrology…to tell you EXACTLY where you need to be on planet Earth for your Solar Return…to hit the goals you have set out for the upcoming year!

basically, you change the place you’ll physically BE…to set yourself up for the best planet locations, transits x aspects, according to your desires

guess what i got?


i needed to be there by Friday at exactly 12:34 pm, the day before my actual birthday…

so i set my sails for a 12 hour drive on Thursday morning

halfway there, i stopped in Moab for a quick little hike

and then...

halfway to the hike, my car got stuck in a big ol’ pile of mud :)

out of nowhere, 3 big men & a woman showed up

they pushed me out of the mud, saved the day, and i received that as a big universal redirect…

except as soon as i got back on the highway, it was shake city

& it was clear….

i wasn’t going anywhere

(those mud rocks...

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week in Delray

Sep 03, 2021

…a full heart x sun kissed skin after spending the last week in Delray with @pd215 community & friends!

i got to meet so many of his people & the place he called home before moving to Denver & we met :)

we got to celebrate Paul’s 4 years of sobriety in the very place he got sober, with the amazing people + company who supported him on the journey

i feel grateful to have had the opportunity to sit in a meeting with a room full of humans who are in recovery & hear their stories…

there’s so many reflections i have about the importance of community (y’all know how much i emphasize this on @trppodcast)

& the similarity of the core practices / belief systems / tools that show up in ALL healing spaces

(i was talking notes for next weeks solocast )

…bottom line…

we all do it differently

but the goal is the same

— acceptance, gratitude joy, love & God —

proud of you baby for all you’ve accomplished...

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