making an actionable list for 2022

Dec 24, 2021

if you’re feeling the momentum this time of year brings…& want to set some goals…but wanna do it the easiest, most effortless, incredibly pleasurable way…

i’ve got you

when you sit down to map out your plans for 2022…after you set your goals but before you make your actionable list

drop into your body & ask yourSelf:

what is the *simplest* most **chargeless** step i could possibly take?

i’m small as looking in the mirror & saying ‘yeah, i want this manifestation’

or maybe it’s…

sharing it with your dog but making him promise not to tell anyone

& then ask, again…

what is the next *simplest* most **chargeless** step i could possibly take?

eventually you’ll have a list of steps that feels casual, light, with no pressure

we did this in a mastermind the other week & it was so good!!

p. s. π˜Όπ™£π™˜π™π™€π™§ • π˜Όπ™˜π™©π™žπ™«π™–π™©π™š • π˜Όπ™˜π™˜π™šπ™‘π™šπ™§π™–π™©π™š…

a playful, transformative New Years Eve Workshop...

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anchor activate accelerate

Dec 23, 2021

watch HERE

together, we’ll anchor in your experiences from the last twelve months…while activating your pu$$y power & potential…for aligned, accelerated growth in the new year

this will be highly interactive with group somatic practice

when: 12/31 10 AM -12 mountain time
where: zoom


this will be recorded! if you’re unable to join us LIVE, you can still journey with us through the replay.

message me ‘NYE’ for the link to sign up

p.s. the sooner you jump in the more you *save* investment as follows:

12/23-25 $66
12/26-28 $88
12/29-31 $111

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i desire to to teach others how to create their own desired reality

Dec 21, 2021

i will never forget the freezing cold Dec day i rode my bike to this 24HR Fitness in south Denver

the sun was almost down

i was on the phone with my best friend dreaming about making 5/10k months

when all of a sudden

it literally started *hailing*‍

i didn’t have gloves or snow gear

but i was so fucking determined to get a lift in

so i finished the ride, worked out, & called my brother with a “soooo i did a thing i regret - can you pleaseeee come pick me up?”

he came in the same silver Yaris he’s had since HS but is determined to never get rid of

later that night, i joined him at his holiday work party

…a group of ivy grads with aerospace engineering degrees who came together to casually build a commercial supersonic airplane

yeah, no big deal

so there i was…

a 26 year old girl

who just ended her 3rd abusive relationship….healing from the aborted nonconsensual pregnancy that ended it

with a coaching biz that didn’t even feel like a real...

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every time we say .... "i thought i healed this already?"

Dec 20, 2021

Watch HERE

everything you’ve done up until this point…has led you to the place you are today…so you can take on what comes tomorrow

going on a $exual healing + reclamation journey is one of the most *humbling* experiences you’ll have

because even for those that have read all of the books, listened to the podcasts, & worked with the coaches…

are H U M A N

& our $exuality
is the most

& tender of places

there is allllllwayysssss MORE
to grow….to expand….to discover when it comes to eros

so if you want to do the damn thing,
then do the damn thing

grab pu$$y & start walking

it’ll be the most rewarding trip you take

if you’re interested in working together to create freedom in your heart, body, $ex & biz - i have 2 spots currently open for 1:1 coaching & mentorship

message me to chat

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𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒖𝒓𝒆 π’‡π’Šπ’“π’”π’•

Dec 20, 2021

*p l e a $ u r e π’‡π’Šπ’“π’”π’•*

…the biggest takeaway for the women inside IN THE FLESH

what does 𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒖𝒓𝒆 π’‡π’Šπ’“π’”π’• mean?

it means…

putting YOUR plea$ure above all else

before anyπ™©π™π™žπ™£π™œ else
before anyπ™€π™£π™š else

…before you start your list of to do’s for the day

…before you jump into getting the kids ready

…before you start creating content

𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒖𝒓𝒆 π’‡π’Šπ’“π’”π’•

means taking as little as 60 seconds

to breathe
feel pu$$y
open to plea$ure
& turn on your radiance

go ahead…try it…

& remember, the simpler the better

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the simplest practice to build erotic energy with your lover

Dec 17, 2021

Watch HERE

did this last night with my man when the question organically popped into my head & fuckkkkkkk……it got reeaaalllll $exy real quick

my body was SO sensitivve when we were trying to play & i was having a hard time relaxing

so i started asking this question & bam everything in my body opened & we dropped in

try this with your lover & let me know how it goes

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we've moved out of holding busy as a badge of honor

Dec 16, 2021

now it's time to realize we don't have to be *busy* to delegate & outsource.

delegating your grocery shopping so you can have an extra 20 min in the shower with your favorite vibrator…

letting your team book your flights, @turo car, & hotel for your next getaway so you can get a massage before date night…

sending your assistant a list of gifts to order your family for the holidays so you can sit in ceremony with your plant friends…

outsourcing the doggie vet check up so you can…

do nothing but danceeee around in lingerie

…are all exquisitely made decisions

to expand your *havingness* in life + biz

means leaning into the things society tells you is selfish

…like hiring people to do the things you for sure can do for yourself, but absolutely do not need to

this is one of the many ways i’ve created more wealth using plea$ure

like you’ve heard me say a ton…

you don’t need to be self sacrifice to be of service


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POV: you're human but you also have an animal body

Dec 14, 2021

the way to more FREEDOM in your heart, body & $ex….is through your animal

most women *bypass their anger & go straight into sadness*

because after grade school, temper tantrums become unfamiliar & unpracticed

…society has taught us to be ‘better than’ that emotion

when really…it’s P O W E R in raw form

ladies inside IN THE FLESH witnessed this in one another this past weekend

it was so incredibly beautiful…

to see one woman give permission to the next…& the next…& the next

sisters in circle, egging each other on
to get:
& more visceral

might be one my favorite things in this world

if you’re feeling like you wish you jumped in, we have space for ONE more…message me ASAP to get into this round - we would lovee to have you

Watch IG reel HERE

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headmistress here …to remind you of your infinite power & absolute beauty

Dec 13, 2021

headmistress here 

…to remind you of your infinite power & absolute beauty

» Y O U are the G I F T «

i’m riding such a high from the first weekend of IN THE FLESH

there were so many special moments

but the ones that stand out the most,
were when they…

reconnected to their WILD animal bodies
& growled at the shadows

when she ripped his hands, from many years ago, off of her neck & remembered her power & choice

when she claimed her new identity & joyously danced in it with her kids

when she unapologetically started asking for what she wants…a good fucking spanking & nights of wax + bondage

when she reveled in her beauty & claimed worship for her body…breasts…belly…& booty

when she showed us her shame & it cracked open her (our) heart(s)

when she told us to spread our legs, pet our inner thigh, & moan in pleasure

when we laughed like little girls
when we danced like free spirits
when we loved...

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how to ask for what you want

Dec 11, 2021

watch HERE

day 2 of IN THE FLESH & i’m so utterly blown away by the potency of this group the vulnerability, power, connection, heart, mama bear nurturing energy is next level

i am so fucking grateful for this creation & for the women inside who trusted me + this journey. i don’t take it lightly.

i cannot wait to take you deeper into yourself…into sisterhood.

& i really can’t wait to get naked with you all

we have 7 women inside - there’s room for 1 more. words can’t begin to explain what you’ll get out of being IN THE FLESH

but if i had to choose 2

they would be


yesterday was container setting, community building, belonging & intention setting using the somatic tools & practices you’ll take into your coaching

today is all about $exuality & plea$ure & i have a REALLY FUN surprise for them

tomorrow is somatic theory, trauma, healing, consent

you can still join us & we will welcome you in like a...

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