POV: Your change your own life

Oct 02, 2023


This was a top tier multiple 5 figure 1:1 container

We put in WORK

High support, high involvement

High transformation

This woman has transformed & jumped through timelines

“The most life changing work I’ve done.”

From chronic illness to somatic healing to owning her power, her true essence…

“I don’t really have words. I’m where I’ve wanted to be. The amount of joy of just sitting in that when I’ve been, especially in some places where I felt so stuck and so unsure and so weighed down by everything..to just be like, dude, life is good and I’m here, I have arrived. It’s powerful stuff.”

It’s been an absolute honor to support you, woman.

Go fly!

Before we start IN THE FLESH Mystery School in December & the work/play continues :)

P.S. go check out our @trppodcast where M shares her journey & what moved the needle the most for her during container. If you’re interested in joining...

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The hundreds + thousands of dollars you pour into products & supplements are a waste of your money

Oct 01, 2023


All of the pain pills/over-the-counter/prescription meds (including birth control) regardless of what the people in white coats tell you are not actually helping you in the long run

They are destroying your insides

& burying the root cause / why it’s happening in the first place even more

Every single product they have to fix the secondary symptom is part of the toxic cycle

From lotions to serums & sugar loaded probiotic this/that


I know you’ve hit breaking points

I know you’ve had no other choice than to take the damn pill bc what else can you do? You need contraceptive

& you’ve needed antibiotics


I actually fight the argument that you do

I stand for a world where women have proper education about their bodies, menstruation, anatomy & health

So much so that they don’t need a contraceptive pill if they don’t want it

The “I want to get off the pill but don’t know how or what to do instead”

Is a pandemic


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Podcast Ep: 363 - 3 Rememberings from Shamanic Sex Retreat

Sep 27, 2023


In this episode Julianne reflects on her recent experience in a Shamanic S€x Retreat and the main takeaways she brought back with her. After detailing why the timing of this felt perfectly aligned, Julianne shares the beauty of somatic sexology and why she is so called to this realm of healing. Nature, shamanism, and the importance of safety are all highlighted as the key points from her retreat. Listen as she explains the depth of each takeaway and how these points can transform your life.
Key Topics:
Nature and it’s Power



5:20 Julianne details her background in somatic sexology and how she started in this realm

10:15 Julianne reflects on her explant journey and the challenges it brought

12:55 First Takeaway from Shamanic S€ Retreat: nature and it’s healing

10:15 Julianne reflects on her explant journey and the challenges it brought

12:55 First Takeaway from Shamanic S€ Retreat: nature and it’s healing...

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The BTS you havenโ€™t yet heardโ€ฆ

Sep 26, 2023


Throwback to that one time I invested 15k after just having my first 5k month

..living at my brothers, in exchange for cooking & cleaning, so I could get myself on my feet again

..after a grief filled abortion following the ending of a very unhealthy relationship

I had no idea how to heal from that.

I spent 6 months in therapy & counseling.

Doing the work.

But when I finally stood before a man again, one I wanted to be intimate with..

when his hands finally landed on my body,

I froze.

Everything stopped & all I could do was cry the tears I hadn’t been able to reach before.

That’s when I knew…there was something more here.

The work of Somatic Sexology changed my entire life.

Everything makes sense to me on that table.

Every heartbreak, heartache, confusing moment, fear, pain, suffering, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, loss….

it ALL makes sense on that table.

Money, power, impact, purpose, health…

it ALL flows in when you get off that damn...

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Certifications and Trainings

Sep 26, 2023


When someone tells me they are going back to university to get letters after their name to learn about erotic embodiment :)

I’ve been certified & trained in dozens of incredible programs & methodologies. I’ve also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in the room with people who are leading experts in my fields.

The containers that have been the most transformative are the ones that didn’t give me a piece of paper at the end. I just learned & lived my life with them adjacent to me.

Moved through my human experiences with them. Mentored & integrated, with the brilliance of them.

Those spaces..have been the best trainings.

Luckily for you, IN THE FLESH is both.

It’s training, mentorship, personal transformation & an incredible sisterhood to hold you to your highest. We start Dec 8.

When you join my 12 month 1:1 container, you get auto entry into ITF.

which ones your fav?

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things i wish i knew about yoni steaming when I started!๐Ÿชท

Sep 25, 2023


1 it works. it’s a practice that can help your body reduce blood clots, clear infections like BV, emotional releases, get you more in sync & rhythm with your cycle, blood quality changes, etc.

2 timing. while you may steam at any time of the day, it’s best to do at night. steaming is a detox practice so you may feel tired after!

3 herbs matter. there are different blends you can make or buy depending on your intentions & what you’re working with inside your body.

4 while a fancy wood box is luxurious, all you really need is a ceramic or glass bowl. you can start this practice with just herbs, water & a simple set up.

5 length of steam. this depends on your cycle & symptoms. if you’re working with things like hot flashes, infections or spotting between periods, short sessions are better. if you’re working with issues deeper in the uterus, sit for longer.

steaming has become one of my favorite practices & ways to drop in with my...

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You are the purpose

Sep 25, 2023


And then one day you end up at a human design / gene keys reading & realize you’ve been doing it all along

P.S. IN THE FLESH Mystery School will drop you so deeply into your purpose, because you’ll be so dropped into your body’s truth. God/Spirit is found in your body. And your client’s body. And your lovers. Always the way home!

Join us for the 7 month Facilitator Training where you’ll become a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker while moving through a huge quantum transformation! PM ‘ITF’ for more info.

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Your whole life is the journey.

Sep 24, 2023


You are the medicine. You can make it more intentionally ceremonial at any moment. But you’re in it whether or not you drink the aya juice.

While I’m all for psychedelics, I’m actually more interested in the Medicine of the Body…

Sex & pleasure is the most EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT way (scientifically proven) to reset the nervous system

The work of Quantum Transformational Bodywork & Somatic Sexology (what you’ll be learning inside IN THE FLESH Facilitator Training) drops you into this…

| the alchemy alive in your body
| the medicine of your soul voice
| the pleasure portal of your sex
| & the truth of who you are

You won’t need the medicine.

Because you’ll already be walking AS it.

P.S. ITF Mystery School starts 12/8. Ready to step into the most expanded, expressed you while becoming a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker? Comment / PM ‘ITF’ & I’ll send you the info.

Btw, if you want to go real big...

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Moments from the last few weeks ๐Ÿ’› I think this will be a Sunday ritual ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

Sep 23, 2023


1 candid from a sunset hike with @alexahh - you should def try her stellar donuts @kejoy.co

@venusvalleyboulder had her first photoshoot for a CU Medicine commercial! She’s gonna be on TV!

3 a dungeon night for the books thank you mistress @drrachelyan for the look

4 puppy cuddle at Wildernest

5 a moment from day 3 of my clients last immersion of a 6 mo container naked on VV’s ridgeline & not a soul in sight

6 sun bliss on a trail

7 Woody crushing life 3 months post op from spine surgery / hind paralysis

8 my first women’s potluck!! Y’all are amazing. Thank you for showing up with such love & connection

9 random runs of freedom. 15 months ago I had ACL surgery. & 1.5 months from explant. The freedom in my body is real.

10 naked in nature. What else.

Top learning: flow at your own pace & rhythm.

What was the highlight of your week?

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4 things I'd focus on if I had endometriosis

Sep 22, 2023


I believe in the body’s ability to heal. Always.

It will find balance when we are feeding it the right way.

And our detoxification system is operating optimally.

While I believe there’s a time & place for surgery, most of our body’s are not being given the chance to show us what’s possible, naturally.

4 things I’d focus on if I had Endo:

1 colon cleansing
2 heal & seal gut lining
3 detox liver/gallbladder
4 deepening my self pleasure practice

The Goddess Approach™ is about giving you the keys to your own body.

This allows you to be the creatrix of your life in a bigger way than ever before.

P.S. Ready to heal from the inside out & reach new heights of pleasure? Join us in IN THE FLESH Mystery School for a big personal reclamation journey, sacred sisterhood & the facilitation skills to be a sex coach & guide. Anyone who enrolls in my 12 mo 1:1 gets auto entry into ITF.

You can also book a consultation call with me for Immersions...

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