Feb 18, 2023

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I’m here for the women who are here to THRIVE

The ones who are willing to go first, get uncomfortable, & meet themselves in new, previously unimaginable ways…

Women who are interested in playing on the edge of creation, stretching what they once thought was possible for themselves

The ones who know, they are ‘the one’

..who changes the system they came from..

..who offers a new paradigm of joy & ease & play..

..who creates wealth from overflow & the ‘already abundant’..

..who loves with an open heart even when their stories say, ‘you should close’..

These women will change the homes we live in.

They will love their children in ways we’ve never loved before.

They will honor their partners for who they really are.

These women..

*will need a village*

to change the village.

Together, we rise.

Happy holy rest day

P.S. I’ll be going over 1:1 applications on my story tomorrow. And giving you inside peaks into...

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If you want more pleasure in your life...

Feb 17, 2023

When a woman is responsible for her experience, she is responsible for her power.

To let [email protected]$ure into everything you do, even the hard moments, IS freedom.

If you’ve been saying “I want more [email protected]$ure”…

then actively decide it today.

See it in everything around you.
Feel it in every interaction.

Let yourself BE [email protected]$ure

Because the truth is…

Y O U already are

P.S. We are officially enrolling for 1:1 containers!
VENUS VENTURE & VENUS VOYAGE Packages at @venusvalleyboulder 

- in person monthly immersions & pre/post coaching + ACCESS to all my LIVE offerings - so you get ABP for free

Starts at 15k Message me for more info, love . #pleasure #pleasurefirst #somatichealing #inneranimal#somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #embodiment #embodimentpractices #holisticcoach #EroticBlueprint

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$ex for me never used to feel good

Feb 16, 2023

Go binge my content + @trppodcast for more

P.S. it’s not too late to jump in & join this cohort for ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE

A big takeaway for the women last night was :

*an EXPANDED sense of [email protected]$ure & how to bring it more into their day to day*


We are officially opening the doors for 1:1 immersion enrollments VENUS VENTURE & VENUS VOYAGE @venusvalleyboulder 

- in person monthly immersions & coaching + ACCESS to all my LIVE offerings so you get ABP for free

Starts @ 15k. #sexcoach #somatichealing #inneranimal#somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #embodiment #embodimentpractices #holisticcoach #EroticBlueprint
#eroticblueprints #eroticblueprintscoach

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Ways I'm getting ready for Animal Body Practice

Feb 15, 2023

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Still time to jump in! First call is tonight. If you can’t make it live, you can totally still join. I’m in a program right now that I’ve attended 0 live calls yet I’m up to date on the practices. I share that because you decide what you need. I want you there & want to see your face - but most importantly, the work has to work for you ‍ So, full permission to lean in. DM me for the link


P.S. you get ABP as a free bonus for being a 1:1 client! VENUS VENTURE & VOYAGE PACKAGES somatic $€xology, bodywork, €rotic blueprints. #somatichealing #inneranimal#somatictherapy  #somaticcoach  #somatics #somaticexperiencing  #somaticsexologist #somaticsexologicalbodywork #embodiment #embodimentpractices #holisticcoach

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I have this thing...

Feb 15, 2023

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Join the wolfpack! We begin in 2.5 hours. If you feel the call, you belong. What’s your inner animal desire? Does she wanna play & break free? we’ve got youuuuu!

3 ways to invest! As low as $197/mo.

**If you’re seeing this after we started, you can still join us!! PM me to get in**

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Reasons to work with a somatic $exologist

Feb 15, 2023

Last day to join ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE. Our first call is TONIGHT!

Before I found somatics, I was LIVING life outside of my body.

I was watching my life like I would a movie…

from the audience,
rather than from the character’s perspective.

I didn’t even know something was off until I was in a reiki session & she said,

“Look down & see your feet moving.”

At that point, I was already so outside my body that I was seeing things from a bird’s eye view, never truly experiencing life from my own two eyes.

My mind was BUSY.

I was always up inside my head; thinking constantly, overanalyzing, worried about other people & what they thought about me.

I had unexplainable back & hip pain. I’d wake up in the middle of the night unable to take deep breaths.

My hips were always filled with tightness & tension. And when I had s3x, they would lock up on me.

Somatics, reclaiming my [email protected], & healing my relationship to my inner...

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TRPP Episode 344: $exuality & Disordered Eating: Coming Home & Finding Wholeness

Feb 15, 2023

In today’s short, easy to digest, episode Julianne chats about the connection between $exuality & eating disorders/disordered eating, what to do when you feel stuck or something is blocking you, & the pendulum swing you may experience on the healing journey. She also gives you tangible tools to support you in navigating these topics. If you want to dive deeper into these topics & learn more about these tools, make sure to jump into Animal Body Practice, Julianne’s 8 -week somatic group experience to wild your way into power, prowess, & [email protected]$ure. 


4:40 The connection between $exuality & eating disorders & Julianne’s past experience with this. 

9:00 Tangible tool #1 

10:14 What to do when you feel stuck or that something is blocking you/Tangible tool #2

11:28 The healing journey pendulum swing

16:02 Tangible tool #3

17:45 Invitation into Animal Body Practice


“We tend to not knock on the $exuality...

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$exuality & Disordered Eating: Coming Home & Finding Wholeness

Feb 13, 2023

Watch HERE

3 TOPICS with TANGIBLE TOOLS ‍ (1) $€xuality & eating disorders / disordered eating (2) what to do when you feel stuck or something is blocking you (3) the pendulum swing on the healing journey

ABP starts Wednesday! root roar rise, baby!

This video will come out as a podcast episode this week.

Drop a in the comments below if you want the link.

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Sore & tight in your IT band? Could be relational tension

Feb 13, 2023

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Journal prompts & HOW to unwind stuck energy in your body.

ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE starts Wednesday Join us for an 8 week somatic rewilding journey - dm me for the link & details

Thank you to all my mentors & teachers over the last 6 years, & continuing, who have helped me learn + remember. Thank you for your wisdom & your guidance. For your YEARS of experience & research.

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3 things you should know about your jaw pain

Feb 12, 2023

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A couple months ago I got invited to speak at a super fun event in phoenix Arizona with a bunch of badass women making bank in biz

I got to host my own intimate table on the Erotic Blueprints™ where everyone was able to ask questions & share their experience


I got to GUESS everyone’s Erotic Blueprint based solely off our conversations - SO.MUCH.FuN!

Instead of reading notes or preparing slide/topics…

THIS is how I got ready for my talk


I worked my masseters (muscle from cheek bone to jaw) from both the external & internal.

& lastly my pterygoids (opens the mouth).

3 Things You Should Know About Your JAW PAIN!

1 The masseter holds the tension between what we see & what we say.

2 The jaw & pelvis are incredibly connected with fascial lines. They are made of the same tissue…

3 When we have a tight jaw, we more often than not have a tight pelvis. They hold similar tension patterns.

I always go to the body first for what...

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