I am a spiritual woman with [email protected]$t implants

Jan 03, 2023

Share this with a *flick your own bic with a joint in your hand & some gold cash money in the other in front of your altar* kind of woman

You get to be & have all of it.

No more ‘you have to choose’ sh!t

It’s 2023 my friends.

I stand as, with & for..the multidimensional woman.

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I sometimes do with my money what I used to do with my [email protected]$t$

Jan 03, 2023

2023 is the year you stand tall, big & bright

The year you bring throat, heart, p$$y..online & in the front seat

The year you HAVE & HOLD…& keep the fuck going!

You. Are. All. Of. It. Already.

Having AND Holding

CONGRUENCE - the mini Immersion - 4 days away!!

It’s $222

And, this week only…

That $222 investment can be used towards your enrollment in my 6 week upcoming group program called Animal Body Practice 6 weeks into your Dark Primal Wild Feminine

P.S. to the one who doesn’t want to be labeled the ‘look at me b!tch’ - PLEASE be the look at me b!tch. Every single time you do, you give massive permission. Mentorship is about holding somebody on their journey from where they are to where they want to be - they find and choose you/me/we because we’re living the life that has a similar flavor to their desired reality.

Keep bragging. Feel your sacrum as you do.

*Be the goddess in human form*

WHAT RESONATES?! You can share...

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Reflections & learnings from earning $300,200k from my 1:1 coaching & mentorships this past year

Jan 02, 2023

Cheers to women being deep in their p$$y truths in 2023. Congruent to the core. Aligned with their highest. Following through on their word & desire.

I had a 1:1 enrollment call today for a 30k immersion experience…

& she said she was so thrilled to learn I offer in person immersion work because she didn’t know I did that until a few weeks ago!

If this is you: YESS B we do the in person hands on & hands in bodywork!!

That was my WHY behind @venusvalleyboulder 

Retreats & immersions already happening here in Boulder CO

You get to come here, stay at VV, resource from the land & remember who the fuck you are.

Come find out what somatic $€xology is all about!

Unleash your wicked worthy witch



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A teaching from CONGRUENCE

Jan 02, 2023

A teaching from CONGRUENCE - today is the last day to get in @ $111!!! It’s happening in a week. And the investment goes up tomorrow. What are you leaning into today?

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Lessons from investing 93.5k in personal & business support, coaching mentorship, & bodywork containers

Jan 01, 2023

I love how launches evolve me..deeper..into the very thing I’m teaching. Here I am finding & landing in deeper congruence with me. And you. In this.

Sharing numbers.

Oohh. Kinda feels edgy & hot!

To share my spending when everyone’s sharing their revenue

But fuck do I love spending! And it would be really incongruent of me to not own & share that.

Because most of my lessons in 2023 were with money! A love affair we had…

As I said yesterday…

Making decisions from a place of congruency changes the game

Decisions with an aligned ‘come from’ taste different.

Congruent decisions change the ENTIRE experience.

Your actions are *aligned* rather than forced or tied to an outcome..


What resonates here? What questions do you have? You can share with me below

Come join me next Saturday 1/7 for CONGRUENCE


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To a new year..

Jan 01, 2023

To a new year..full of play, pleasure, possibility..& what I’m landing in - wonder

May you feel the depths of every moment. Every intricacy & layer in between

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When I say 'step into your power' or 'up level'

Dec 31, 2022

When I say 'step into your power' or 'up level'


It's not that I'm saying you haven't had your power or that you need to go somewhere or be something different to get it. 

You've always had it, & you always will. 


When I say 'step into your power' or 'up level' 

I'm speaking to the part of you that knows she doesn't want to hold anything back anymore!

The part that is just so done playing small.

The one that knows she's ready to be big & play in all of it. 

To really go after what she wants. To live the life she really wants to be living. 

I'm speaking to the part of you that wants to MOVE!

You've always had 'it'

You are 'it'

Let's shed the nises & let her shine


No one is you & that is your superpower!


I love when we’re on the same page



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I believe change happens when something moves.

Dec 31, 2022

I believe change happens when something moves.


When the unmoving becomes flexible.

The stuck parts start to have some level of movement, even the smallest count.


When the aperture of our centers respond & open. 


In somatic work, we play with breathe, sound, & movement.


To create shifts in our energetic, emotional. & physical body. 

We move what's stuck.

We unstick what's not moving.

We help you MOVE.

Into something cellularly different.

when you heal, your cells change. 


In spiritual psychology, there's both the soul line & the goal line. 


Soul line = vertical

Goal line= horizontal


When we evolve on the soul line, we tend to have natural growth on the goal line.

It's an organic byproduct of inner game work.

There is literal movement up or out .


We love to move it move it

I hope all ‘step into your ____’ invitations feel so f*cking expansive now.

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Sometimes, the way to get something to move..

Dec 31, 2022

Sometimes, the way to get something to move... is to find stillness... to hold it... to do 'nothing' but be silent & send love.


Come learn the tools to find alignment & embodied freedom at my upcoming mini immersion called CONGRUENCE 1/7

TOMORROW is the last day to get it $111!!

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