Life at Venus Valley Boulder

Dec 10, 2022

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Life at @venusvalleyboulder! In home IVs with @hydramediv! We love getting IVS, especially in home. We typically get them when we travel or go on big journeys/adventures. Glutathione is always in our drips, & we tend to get Myers Cocktails with all the extras Since moving to Boulder, we’ve been attracting & meeting such incredible humans! The man who delivered our IVs was sharing his journey from a first responder to motivational speaker & coach. It’s amazing to meet so many people who are playing life on purpose, putting their heart & work out into the world, & unapologetically sharing who they are + was helped them transform. Moving from NY to CO was the best choice I made for my becoming. The energy, the land, the humans are grounded in something different. Driven by what’s on the inside vs the out. Loving from their fullness instead of their depletion. Softer in their bodies. Calmer in their skin. That’s been my...

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The goal is....

Dec 09, 2022

The goal is not to be unaffected; the goal is to feel as deeply as you can.

The faucet of feeling does not stop at higher levels. In fact, it grows. You become more sensitive, more emotional, more in touch & more attuned - your superpowers. Don’t be fooled by the idea that once you get ‘there’, there will be no pain & only ease. There will be always be pain. You’ll just get better at feeling & alchemizing.

The more you breathe, the more you feel.

The more you feel, the more you receive.

Happy ‘feeling’ this weekend let’s get affected . #itsoktofeel #itssafetofeelyourfeelings #emotionsaremysuperpower #alchemizeyourpainintopurpose #breathe #somatichealing #somaticexperiencing

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You CAN hold it all

Dec 08, 2022

Okay…So you’ve done the work. Know the things. Live in your body. (Mostly) Soften. (Mostly) But, what you really need is *congruency*

Congruency in all areas of your life.

You make the money. Have the love. Do the $€x. Be the ‘essence of you.’

And. There’s still areas that need upgrading.

You’ve proved you’re a bad b.

You can do hard things.
Create big results.
Magnetize & manifest.
You know the balance of yin & yang.
Fem & masc.

You know how to enroll big ticket clients & have high 5 figure & 6 figure launches.

But how are you holding & handling at THIS level??

Are you letting yourself be truly seen?

Truly supported?

Truly held?

*At THIS level*

Are you hiding yourself now because you’re the expert?

Are you telling yourself you can’t be vulnerable?

Your good girl, independent, perfectionist programming has creeped its way back in.


At this level of wealth & Bigness.

In all areas.

*I’ll be...

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I created memes!

Dec 08, 2022


Check them out HERE

O m g my first go

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I wonโ€™t stand for your smallness

Dec 08, 2022

 I am not available for my clients' money struggle stories.


I'm just not 


It's a delicate balance.

Of holding them in the 'both, and.'


But as soon as I step into their scrambled story of fear/lack & 'what has been'...


I drop into a frequency

that does not serve them.



I'll let them tantrum & vent & speak their fears


But then it's done.


We move on.


And they reorient the badass CEheaux they are.


I'll hold the vision for you.

I'll remind you of your power & bigness.

You WILL make the impossible possible.



But you have to keep going.


You have to get out of your own way & face the shadows that come up on the ride to where you want to be.

The moments I hate my coach/mentor the most are these LOL


(because I told on myself from the riff - ‘don’t let me play small because I will & I will also...

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In person vs virtual

Dec 08, 2022

You know coaching & mentorship is priceless.

Can you imagine what would happen inside of an in person container? That you frequent 2 days a month for a hella Quantum Transformation?

...with plenty of space for your leader to integrate in between. 

People ask me all the time about in person vs virtual. While I fully believe in virtual coaching, mentorship, & even bodywork (it’s totally possible when you play in the quantum, healing happens regardless of how near/far you are) - there is NOTHING that can ever replace in person connection & touch.

I’ve seen & felt it. Over & over.

Touch is what humans were made for!
Our g€n!t@l$ too

I started my somatic $€xology practice when I already had a BOOMIN virtual biz.

And what I was most interested in was getting this work out to the masses in anyway I could.

We can do yoni mapping virtually.
We can process $€xu@l trauma virtually.
We can dearmour your c€rv!x virtually.

(I have programs...

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Theme mantra to my life.

Dec 07, 2022

Theme mantra to my life.

"Be so devoted to your desires you settle for nothing less."

I love hearing this flow through my clients mouths as they set the stage for their upcoming months & years . #bedevotedtoyourself #bedevotedtoyourdesires #bedevotedtoyourself #settlefornothingless #lifemantra #setthestage

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EMBODYING IT means itโ€™s your NORMAL!

Dec 07, 2022

2 years ago I was walking around RiNo after moving into my DREAM apartment (I had a garage door in my living room that overlooked the CO Rockies ) on an enrollment call for 1:1


Yes, I take calls out in nature + make 5 & 6 figure offers without my video on.


At the time, I wasn't publicly promoting 1:1.


This woman ended up enrolling into a 15k container.


And so did 2 other women.


I remember my OBM at the time saying, "How does that happen when you're not promoting? You haven't posted anything about it."


I remember that being such a powerful reflection for me.


Because I hadn't even realized.


A couple things about this...



 (1) the things we are SO used to doing/being/having... are literally the things that will blow your potential clients minds & hearts wide the fuck open.


You are seriously just used to your own vagenius & don't see it. 


(2) that was a...

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I'm not being overdramatic when I say....

Dec 06, 2022

I would rather deal with the hourly emotional roller coaster & inescapable-mirror-of-truth that is CEO/entrepreneurship

than ever go back to working for someone else & giving up my abundant time + financial freedom... thank you. 

Schmidtty, thank you for the PSA it’s true. I would literally rather do anything else

We were standing in my kitchen during one of the breaks at the Family Constellation retreat,

When @dalenchristeen asked, “Julianne do you want your physical therapy appointment to be back to back with your massage or on separate days?”

@rebeccaelswit passes by & in her usual delight goes, “OMFG that’s so HOT. Are you kidding me right now? ”

When I was on the phone giving my new 75k client next steps with my OBM @the_real_carinb she said, “WOW I’m so grateful you have a team of women supporting you. That makes me feel so good that you can stay focused on the people you serve.”


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