How I handle anxiety - Somatic Sexologist Edition

Oct 17, 2022

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We all have patterns in our bodies & lives that act up when we are under pressure or stressed out - aka stretching into the next iteration of who we BE

It shows up so we grow past it.

Being an embodied, self knowing woman means taking responsibility for everything from our food, supplements, pleasure, self care, to unraveling the stress patterns in our body.

It’s not about not having them…it’s about knowing *what* they are & having the tools/ know-how to do something about them when we start entering the stress zone.

This is energy management.

This is how we continue to quantum transform.

We feel.
We listen.
We be with.
We alchemize.
We pleasure.
We align.
We create.

This is what I do. I show you how to reclaim on all levels & layers of who you are. I am the Goddess of what I’ve found to be the most important trades on your journey to where you want to be.

I help you create freedom in your body, heart, sex, biz & bank account.

Ready to learn how...

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Just because you’ve built an incredible capacity for ‘fast’ in your nervous system doesn’t mean you have to use it anymore.

Oct 16, 2022

Just because you’ve built an incredible capacity for ‘fast’ in your nervous system doesn’t mean you have to use it anymore.

Does it really serve you or the Highest Good to operate at that speed? It’s not a downgrade, it’s a release & part of your evolution.


Ready to Quantum Transform AND step into leadership as a Somatic $ex Coach & Bodyworker?


ITF is an intimate, 7 month Mystery School to become a practitioner of: Somatic $exology, Quantum Transformational Bodywork & Spiritual Psychology.


It’s a space for coaches, healers, and bodyworkers to integrate somatics, $exuality & relational understanding into their offers — effectively supporting their clients on their journey to $exual wholeness & embodied freedom.


This is so much more than another certification. It’s a dual journey of personal transformation & reclamation.



“There's always been...

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'The work' is rarely the work we think it is

Oct 15, 2022

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It’s always happening. You are always on the clock. Because everywhere you go, there you are. Everything & nothing, all at the same time.

IN THE FLESH Mystery School - 7 month Somatic $ex Mystery School for Pu$$y Reclamation, Quantum Transformational Bodywork & Erotic Blueprints ™ is enrolling now! First come first serve & we review apps every Friday! Message me for info ‍

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Sustainable Growth

Oct 13, 2022

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I see so many coaches, mothers, & biz owners juggling a mill & one things on their plate with little to no support or help

My success + time/financial freedom & the joy, liberation, embodiment you feel in me…

I hands down attribute to the support I have.

I did NOT have the money or proof sitting in my account when I hired a team.

I did NOT have 60+k sitting around for mentorship when I invested.

But underneath those excuses…

What I did have:

belief & trust in myself, the vision, & the knowing that I would NOT give up.

I needed to anchor in:

I DESERVE support.

It’s a practice of receiving..BIG LOVE!

This comes up for me (& you) at every level of expansion.

I’m feeling one myself right now because I’m craving even more support & my sweet brain is like “MORE?”


I’m a big woman. With big dreams. Big desires. Big capacity. And big needs.

Feels good to own your needs/bigness don’t it?

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frozen in body work training to headmistress of ITF

Oct 12, 2022

7 STEPS I took to go from: frozen in bodywork training to headmistress of a 7-Month $exual Embodiment hands on/in Mystery School


I share this sacred story IN THE FLESH ...and it deserves a place here.


While I remember sessions where I didn’t freeze in my Somatic $exology training, I also hold memories of standing over the body before me, weeping. …trying to be a conduit of love… But holding all of the 'reasons' why I wasn’t ‘enough’ to do THIS work


Ego: “Was I really someone to hold the sacred space of God & Goddess? To hold this precious body in MY hands?” Here’s what helped me get over those fears to become a leader in this space...


1 Practice practice & more practice. & then, some more practice.


2 Surrounding myself with the best of the best in the bodywork biz & getting as close to them as I could/can- 1:1 coaching, in person immersions, retreats, masterminds, group...

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Self care & being a stellar space holder go hand in hand.

Oct 10, 2022

Self care & being a stellar space holder go hand in hand. We don’t have to be self sacrificing to be of service.

“I’ve learned so much from you by just watching how you utilize team.”

“You outsource everything you can to stay incredibly resourced - so you can show up for the people you love & serve.”

…a dear friend reflected to me in a meeting a few weeks ago.

I used to be the hyper independent, I’ve-got-to-do-it-all-by-myself, boss babe type of girl.

I never let anyone do anything for me.

Mainly because I didn’t trust them to show up, follow through, or be reliable.

The lack of trust masked itself in thoughts & excuses like:
> the money to pay team could be better spent elsewhere
> besides, i could do it all myself
> & i’ll probably do it better anyway.

The problem was..

I became the bottleneck & everything in my life & biz was reliant on ME.

Not sustainable or scalable.

Fast forward to where...

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Are you (or your client) stuck in a place of FEAR?

Oct 08, 2022

Are you (or your client) stuck in a place of FEAR? a Trauma AND Pleasure informed, Somatic Sexologist’s recommendation…

Try the following practice: & if it speaks to you, save it for future use!

Set a timer for 20 minutes. In your journal, ask yourself over & over again:

Part 1: Tell me something about fear & ___________. (fill in the blank with the issue/topic at hand) Part 2: Tell me the TRUTH of that fear. (this is basically a reframing step)

EXAMPLE: Part 1: Tell me something about fear & ‘being a mom’. Response: I don’t want to pass down the feeling that you need to show up in a specific way to be accepted. Part 2: Tell me the truth of that fear. Response: The truth is, I want my child to know the more authentic they are, the more true love they’ll receive.

Avoiding emotions by ignoring they’re there - like not talking about them AND especially not *feeling* them - creates dis-ease & illness in the body.


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His response to me last night in a *tell me something you love about me dyad* was…

Oct 08, 2022

His response to me last night in a *tell me something you love about me dyad* was…

”Your desire for more.”

I started sobbing, after an hour of tender conversation & the vulnerability of sinking into connection after days of separateness.

…my desire for more…

It’s one of the strongest things about me.
You can feel it in me (I believe).

My thirst. My capacity. My prowess. My hunger.

I’ve always had it.

But it wasn’t always *free*

Desire used to build underneath my surface.

Bubbling. Boiling. Burning.

Sometimes I’d let it out.
But most of the time I didn’t.

Now, it can’t help but ooze out of me.

‘Stay in your desire’

..tattooed on my thigh,
how could I forget

…the magnetism of a pu$$y dream

& the power behind the womb of my creation.

Yearning. Longing. For more.

What once was torturous..what once left me feeling ‘without’

is now an access point, for Spirit, for love, for devotion.

I let it pour in....

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Best damn ride I’ve been on in this lifetime

Oct 07, 2022

watch the reel here

Best damn ride I’ve been on in this lifetime hbu

Also new @khruangbin 
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upgraded website has officially launched!

Oct 06, 2022

click her to catch a sneak peak

If you’re anything like me, you feel like a new human every few months.

You evolve, shed old layers, upgrade your programs, let go of identities.

You become more & more clear in who you are, how you operate, what you are/are not available for.

Your knowing gets stronger, your voice holds more power, your purpose & mission grounds deeper & deeper into your hips.

If you’re anything like me, you know how important it is to evolve your brand, as you evolve your soul!

The more I know myself, the more important it is to authentically express who I am.

The more yucky anything out of alignment feels.

Over the last year, my team & I have poured our delicious blood, sweat & tears into the rebrand of Julianne Vaccaro - the brand, the visuals, the website, the insides, the offers & more.

We’ve made beautifully aligned with who we are & a gorgeous expression + ‘home’ for what we have to offer.


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