Podcast Episode # 311 - Embracing and Embodying Divine Masculine

Jan 31, 2022

Today’s live coaching call is with Tyler @tylerwaynejourneys. He shares his desire to finally step into his true divine masculine, and what insecurities and
Like many men, Tyler wants to embrace all facets of his masculinity, but feels as if he isn’t ready. We can all relate to the struggle of demystifying and detangling true, spiritual masculinity from the version of masculine energy that’s presented to us in TV, movies, and social media. Whether messaging tips to one extreme or the other, identifying a true divine masculine role model can be challenging–and living up the blueprint can be even harder.
In this episode, Julianne and Tyler get to the route of what’s stopping Tyler from becoming his ideal divine masculine and accomplishing and creating all he seeks using DYAD. They identify feelings of fear, disconnection, and betrayal related to Tyler’s experience with divine feminine, and focus on self trust, cutting cords, and letting go of control.
Key topics of today’s episode:
You’re capable of creating the story you want to live.
We show up best for our communities when we feel grounded and supported.
Perspective shifts are essential to growth and forward movement.

“Not being ready to go…again, is just a false illusion… The shifting of my perspective is all I need to be able to do [sacred masculine], to show up as that, to be that, to achieve and get to the places I want to be.”

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