coming back fresh from a social media break with a special @trppodcast for you

Jan 25, 2022

coming back fresh from a social media break with a special @trppodcast for you🎙🤗

a tender solocast about a ski accident + knee injury when i took my inner child out for a play day last week 🎿

i show you my process - no edits, no sugar coating, no hiding - what it really looks like bts of being a conscious human in conscious partnership…

messy but the besty 👅

tune in for a listen that is bound to speak directly to your inner child 💖

also…can’t believe we’re already at 310 episodes 🎉

i’m recording coaching calls with chosen @trppodcast listeners all week to be aired over the next few months 💃🏼

want to apply? message me ‘RP COACHING’

& as always…

when you leave @trppodcast an iTunes review - i gift you a Somatic Embodiment Mediation 💖 just dm me with the screenshot & we’ll hook you up!


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