letting yourself be held by other women

May 11, 2022

being held by other women
(like reallyy letting yourself be held)
is profound paradigm shifting medicina

(scroll for journal prompts)

w/ rona & quarantine, we’ve been so stripped of human connection, community, co-regulation, travel, smiles & for some of us $ex

we’ve been expected to perform the same & somehow stay sane w/out so much as a hand to hold or body to hug

as the world opens back up
& we see more of each other’s faces

we are remembering the truth of connection
touch, play, exchange

touch is my love language

it took me 30.5 years to really know that

& the birth of ITF Mystery School to realize it’s the map to my heart & soul

IME, it’s all of ours

most of us have grown up with religious dogma & conditioning around our bodies & its capacity to enJOY plea$ure


not a priority

& the experience of $ex or intimate touch as something dangerous

like someone is taking from us

‘it steals our...

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a love note to my body

May 10, 2022

my right leg is drastically less muscular than my left.
& she has 2 screws in her.
my breast implants are rippled after 8 years of wear.
& my nipples have tiny black hairs i refuse to pluck anymore.
i have three little happy trail hairs leading down to my generally lush unshaven mons pubis.
& my labia minora is far from minora.
my body has had 2 major surgeries on my right leg.
& i have 7 scars to prove it.
my left side second earring hole is lower than my right.
& it often drives me crazy.
i have memory holes where my old belly button piercings & dermals used to be.
..same for my ears, my tongue, & my nipples.
my nose has a perfectly flat ridge on the bump in its bridge.
& an old friend used to tell me be i’d be ‘perfect’ if i just got a nose job.

‍ if i had to get rid of one tattoo, it’d be the ‘why go through life unnoticed?’ cheesy quote from AquaMarine (the mermaid movie from when i was 17)

..but then i remember how sweet...

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the sound of letting go

May 10, 2022

the sound of letting go

on the first HUMAN call last weekend, we dove deep into the maiden & mother archetypes

we did a polarity integration of the two & wowww..was it so powerful for the women inside

through the transmission & practices, they were able to meet these archetypes within (some for the first time) & have inner dialogue to eventually make the pilgrimage home

group insights:

..seeing their maidens fierce independency & her resistance to maturation
..noticing how they were mothered by wounded maidens who never made the transition
..feeling the groundedness, faith & trust of the mother compared to the flighty energy of the maiden
..the way mother honors her seasonal realities & is connected to every living thing

the maiden searches outwardly, saying yes to everything, reaching & looking, living to ‘get’

…you can feel her energy of living ‘without’

while the mother lives ‘with’

..in her wholeness & divine...

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iā€™m so in love with the mothers in my life

May 08, 2022

i’m so in love with the mothers in my life

i look around to see the collection of women i’ve called in

& i melt deep into my core with their love

..inspired by their hearts
..in awe of their beauty
..so held in their softness

i am so full of woman & mother

thank you for growing my heart through yours

for inspiring me with your capacity to give & receive

& showing me what it is to really mother myself

gratitude spills out of me today for the start of HUMAN, my newest 6 month offering, on mother’s day herself - today we’ll celebrate the Great Mother, dance, heal, sing & circle thank you to the mothers who will be spending the day in this container & loving

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we may only know truth by aligning to it

May 06, 2022

we may only know truth by aligning to it.

so many new possibilities & chambers inside of my heart & body unlocked this week.

in so much gratitude for the timing of this event, these humans, this pleasure.

retreats & immersions were my intention for this year - to both give & receive.

& every time i drop back in, whether it’s for IN THE FLESH, an Erotic Blueprint event, or something else i’m enrolled in…

i am reminded.

..reminded of ‘the point’ of it all.


i close this event, to walk into the next ITF weekend, & an incredibly full next few months of the continued cycle of giving & receiving this work.

i am sitting in what i’ve always dreamed of & desired.

& i’m so proud of myself for holding it all

..even in the moments i have wanted to contract & close.

the work really works.

& this work, is about walking with both your HUMAN & Goddess.

tomorrow is the kick off for...

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to be a woman

May 03, 2022


god, i love being a woman.

there’s nothing like a high dose
of the feminine.

intoxicating to the core.
mysterious & inviting.

both seductive & dark,
light & full of heart.

i spent years hiding my feminine,
because i spent years hiding my $ex.

..but once you’re set free by the Goddess
there’s no going back.

from your center..

drips through
& over you.

you become,


She will sniff out the bullshit
& call you into Truth.

you will feel everything..

& it will be
the most alive

you’ve ever felt.

3 ways to journey with me:

š‡š”šŒš€š: 6 mos of *somatics, the dark feminine, & the mother archetype*

…a journey through rage, grief & orga$mic human pleasure

we START this weekend! when you join you get the first 3 months of my membership for FREE!

WILD WOMAN RETREAT: if you’re ready to be seen, held, loved & celebrated by women that support your bigness & want to see you rise..

join @innerpoweralicia...

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exploring MORE with the Erotic Blueprints

May 01, 2022

in the beginning of 2020, at the start of a global pandemic…

i joined the Erotic Blueprint family

i surprisingly didn’t know Jaiya or her work, i had only crossed it in passing in my Somatic Sexologist cert

but i scanned the landing page & jumped right in

in 2021, i spent the year in Jaiya & Ian’s MM & got the opportunity to step into the Master Coach program

& now we’re here! 2022..

in my favorite place in the whole world so far for a 5 day Advanced $ex Skills & Erotic Secrets training

..cannot wait to bring these tricks into the June retreat in CO with @innerpoweralicia!

we’ll be exploring the Erotic Blueprints, dance therapy movement, plants, womb wellness & nutrition, pelvic bowl healing & more

it’s going to be a quantum transformational experience designed to walk you home to your *wild* in the best way possible … with other witchy women

more info is in my linktree & @innerpoweralicia & i are...

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the 3rd gate of grief

May 01, 2022

watch HERE

there are 5 gates to grief.

the 3rd gate is the sorrow of the world around us.

part of this gate is the diminished relationship we have to nature.

when we live in disconnection from nature, we are living disconnected from ourselves.

the relationship reveals where we lack intimacy to the self.

because the way we hold the Great Mother, is the way we hold ourselves.

our bodies, our earth…

made from & of the same.

only one more week to get inside HUMAN!

6 deliciously slow months to dive deep with me into the soma, the dark feminine (rage & grief), & the mother archetype.

enrollees get the first 3 months of my new membership launching in September for freeeeeee!

i can’t wait for this to quantum change your relationship to your emotions, perfectionism, & purpose!

more details in my link tree <3

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a reminder of the Truth of Who I Am, the Goodness of my heart, the Innocence i hold, & the Purpose i walk with.

Apr 30, 2022

click HERE to read journal entry

people often ask me about my choice to become a Holistic Health & Life Coach at the age of 19.

i wrote this journal entry when i was 22..during my second spiritual awakening.

i love finding it randomly throughout my life. typically in a move, during a big transition..which is right now.

it serves as a reminder of the Truth of Who I Am, the Goodness of my heart, the Innocence i hold, & the Purpose i walk with.

my soul has been on this journey many times before..

my body filled with ancient Wisdom..
my hands with Compassion..
my voice with Power..
my spirit with love..

i continue to be both swept up & taken down by the Great Mother.

riding her waves,
listening for her guidance,
standing with her courage,
serving out her raw truths.

i love how she takes me through the journey.
i love how she brings out my strength.
i love how she softens my edges.

it is in these times of change, i remember who i really am.

..as if it ever went anywhere
..as if it wasn’t...

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the 4 archetypes of survival

Apr 28, 2022

in Carolyn Myss’s book Sacred Contracts, she talks about the 4 archetypes of survival…


she says,

‘The Pro$titute thrives most bountifully in subtle ways & in ordinary, everyday circumstances. It comes into play most clearly when our survival is threatened. Its core issue is how much you are willing to sell of yourself - your morals, your integrity, your intellect, your word, your body, or your soul - for the sake of physical security.

she goes on to say how The Pro$titute,

is actually the *Guardian of Faith*

‘The Pro$titute archetype also dramatically embodies & tests the power of faith. If you have faith, no one can buy you. You know that you can take care of yourself & also that the Divine is looking out for you. Without faith, however, you will eventually meet the price you cannot turn down.

…delicious truths

i’ve been sitting with this archetype & it’s expression in mySelf

it’s been a...

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