i spoil myself by only doing one thing at a time

Jun 01, 2022

My MG self doesn’t always love this one, multi-doing is a special talent of mine

But multi-do/do/do-ing is also a program from the patriarchy. And it takes away the pleasure of soaking in each & every moment with the juicy task at hand.

If fun is the point, then slowing down & having it is reallyyy the point

This Sunday is call 2 for HUMAN : last month was maiden to mother, & this month we’re diving deeper into the mother, slowness & grief work.

It’s not too late to join us, the women inside have already reported feeling more connected to themselves through the connection with the sisters inside.

They’re accessing more of their power & feeling freer in their bodies by moving the stuck energy out of their systems through the RageGrief Circles.

If you’re in, message me HUMAN & I’ll send you the info

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We differ, a lot. But we share what matters most

May 28, 2022

My version of health will look different than yours.
My food choices & quantities & supplements too.
The way my body responds to movement & the way my muscles shape x grow.
My version of sexual liberation & erotic expansion might be your opposite.
Just like the way I orga$m & sound & derive pleasure.
My self expression, boundaries, self care, fun, timing in life, & relationship to truth.
The way I dress, sleep, lead, & decorate my home.
The way I hold myself.
What I set my thermostat to at night

We differ, a lot.

But we share what matters most.

Like the way we experience love in our hearts.

Turn on in our body.
Anger in our hands.
Sinking in our stomach.

The way we can swallow an actual golf ball size of grief when we’re mourning…

or turn tears into honest laughter.

How our skin gets goosebumps when aroused & our feet tired after a long day.

The way we break open after an orga$m..

sweat when we’re hot, shiver when we’re cold, bleed when...

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Facing our emptiness is the key to our freedom

May 27, 2022

Facing our emptiness is the key to our freedom.

It’s there in those places we ironically remember our wholeness.

Healers say,
‘Sit with it.’

& then the spiritual seeker responds,
‘But I don’t want to. There’s resistance.’

& the healer says,
‘Then sit with that.’

And back & forth they go.

Always leading them on the path home..

To their sweet, wise body.

*time is ticking* to get inside my 2 current offerings where you will remember how to hold yourself & meet those empty places inside

…that’s how you access your true power & potential

‍HUMAN is a deliciously slow 6 month container for: maiden to mother journey, somatics, & the dark feminine (rage & grief work)

The Wild Woman Retreat is somatic bodywork, dance therapy, plants as medicine, erotic blueprint expansion & womb wellness - just 3.5 weeks away!

We just had new enrollments inside both & we’d love to have you be the next

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6 things being an Entrepreneur & Coach for 11 years has taught me:

May 24, 2022

6 things being an Entrepreneur & Coach for 11 years has taught me:

when you fuck up, fail, fall, make an a$$ of yourself (‘cause you inevitably will)…get right back up & make it part of your flow

if you’re not having fun in the process, what’s the damn point?

practice doesn’t make perfect..but it will certainly make you stronger, more resilient, & you will know your craft in x out with your eyes closed

spend time rehearsing your future instead of wallowing in the past - feel the feelings & move forward

dance between responsibilities & orga$m before you make your offer

follow your heart & pu$$y..abundance, freedom & love are already on their way

Celebrating NEW enrollments into HUMAN & our Wild Woman Retreat in June!

You can still join us for either offer - message me for details on both containers

‍HUMAN is a deliciously slow 6 month container from maiden to mother archetypes, somatics, & the dark feminine (rage...

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to become a healthy individual. you need a healthy village.

May 23, 2022

Models for healthy behavior, self honoring choices, communication & relationship styles, self expression, embodiment, leadership, service, parenting, entrepreneurship, family dynamics

..the list goes on

People to remind you of your wholeness when you forget.

..to mirror back who you really are when life gets hazy & you can’t see the light.

Community to hold & support you

..& for you to hold & support.


I love what we’re creating here in this community. Your energy is so impactful & your presence is felt & valued

Whether you’ve been in one of my containers, are in one/s now, or have just hung out here with me on IG & @trppodcast … you’ve helped me create this vision & bring my work to life.

So many things have been made possible because of our shared belief of Quantum Transformation & Embodied Freedom.

You always knew it was possible, & you’ve probably landed here because you see what is...

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travel has taught me so much about myself..

May 21, 2022

travel has taught me so much about myself..i’ve traveled the most over the last 2.5 years & ‘22 has been a wild ride w lots of destinations

i’ve come to learn what i need in my environment, from myself, & others

it’s shown me the staples of my personal practice & non negotiable boundaries

not having a home base right now (jumping from airbnbs to friends spots to retreat locations etc.) has required me to GROUND despite where i am/ who i’m with/ what’s happening around me

it’s been a beautiful gift to find myself in these places & to regulate to this desired lifestyle

things that are deeply supporting me:

no phone/messages until morning practice is complete

morning ritual rn consists of: meditation (legs up the wall in heart opener), journaling, rapé & cards

fem practices sprinkled throughout my day: dance, singing, self plea$ure

support: mentor monthly for a 2 day bodywork immersion, somatic therapy bi-weekly, &...

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i worked so hard for this

May 18, 2022

life is good
from an erotic blueprint filled jungle to a forest in solitude
..& this weekend will be my first joe dispenza retreat! i feel like a little kid filled with excitement.
i read breaking the habit of being yourself on the drive from NY to CO 5 years ago
that year i went from making $0 months to my first 6 figure year.
last year we were just under $400
& this year i became a 100k coach.
since the turn of the new year, it’s been a back-to-basics slow & steady vibe. it feels like another homecoming is on the horizon
grateful for a colorful business that allows me to travel & rest & create from my heart..a team of women that hold & nurture me while supporting my vision & mission clients that fill my soul & make serving feel like play
i worked so hard for this. i’ve been getting memories of myself at all of the different stages of my journey these last few days. & it’s felt like falling in love with me again & again solitude...

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i will not hide who i am for you.

May 18, 2022

i will not hide who i am for you.
i will not deny my desires because it makes you uncomfortable.
i will not cover my body because you’ve made it dirty.
i will not wear the good girl robe for your approval.
i will not pretend to be something other than what i am.
i will not change my relationship to truth to please you.
i will not hide my $ex for your comfort.
i will not camouflage.
i will not blend in.
i will not wear your masks.
or be your projections.

i know who i am.
i know what i am.
i know how i serve.

magic in costa with @wildlyvisible 

tomorrow evening is HUMAN’s first
rage & grief circle

if you’ve never attended one before, i guarantee it’ll be the ride you’ve been waiting for.

…a ceremony that…

activates your voice
turns on your primal power
deepens your [dark] feminine expression
& sets you free from the chains of the past

join us before tomorrow night to be part of HUMAN’s deliciously slow 6 month container to…

drop the...

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setting boundaries is the very thing that will keep your heart open

May 16, 2022
setting boundaries is the very thing that will keep your heart open
how can you stay open & protected? 
by setting boundaries that help keep you safe & protected from bullshit noise & negative energy behaviors
what will support you in hitting 6/7 figures as a coach & mentor?
setting necessary boundaries around time, self care, & personal practice. 
how can you feel more free in your life, body, biz & relationships? 
by setting boundaries that honor your process, your pleasure, your potential
it all comes down to boundaries
boundaries will keep the things/people/energies you are no longer available for out of your field, while attracting those meant for you
the KEY to this…

is being embodied.

knowing your body’s signals.
listening for your body’s yes & no.
following your inner knowing.

the maiden doesn’t really do boundaries.

she lives ‘without’ - searching, looking, reaching…saying ‘yes’ to...
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embodying it means it's your normal

May 12, 2022

embodying it means it's your normal

effortless in your BEing
your natural baseline
engrained in who you are

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