No one knows your body better than YOU!

Aug 30, 2022

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And there is no ‘normal’.

The human body is so incredibly wise
& it knows EXACTLY what it is doing.

The first 25 years of my life, I spent manipulating my body so it would be & look a certain way.

I didn’t really care about the inside if the outside looked good.

Everything changed when I started working my way through from the inside out, with a bottom up approach (somatic) vs top down (conventional therapy).

Cultivating a *devotional lovership* with my body has been the biggest gift.

Learning its systems, anatomy, seasonal realities, staying in practice with mySelf, & living with my ‘body as ritual’ has allowed me to become my own best healer, guide, support & confidant

…while guiding women to do the same for themselves.

The western medical system teaches us that something is WRONG with our body/mind when it doesn’t do what we want or think it should do 🥴

When the reality is…

Your body fucking knows.

She’s 10 steps ahead of you.

She’s right where she should be.

And, she’s talking.

May you throw out the ‘shoulds’ & ‘shouldnts’…remember your innate body wisdom…& come into deep devotional lovership with the truth of Y O U!

🎉 Celebrating 6 months post op on Monday!


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