*Devotional Self Lovership*

Sep 11, 2022

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Where you take full responsibility for self.

Your desires. Your turn ons. Your shadow. Your radiance. Your parts. Your pleasure. Your pain. Your path.

A lifelong practice in which you show up for your heart, your body, your mind.

To be in deep devotion, loyalty & integrity to your soul.

Self..no matter who or what is before you.

Pu$$y in the front seat.

Join me in my Devotional Self Lovership practice of daily love notes!❤️‍🔥

If you’re struggling with feelings of lack, unworthiness, & disconnection from your body + pleasure,

my 8 week program Awaken Your Divine Feminine is jam packed with embodiment practices, journal prompts, teachings, & tools

..to deepen you into your somatic healing & erotic expansion journey.

💎New website is LIVE & the programs page will take your through everything you need to know about my offers: including AYDF!


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