Instead of a ‘To-Do List’ mine reads ‘Liberation List’

Aug 26, 2022

& the tagline is…

‘Only creatrix-ing from a place of FUN, desire & turn on 🔥’

…all Self Care & Pleasure has a list of its own.

I write it daily after a morning ritual of body scanning & listening to what She needs..on this,
day, in these moments.

Lists are liberators for me.

They hold the overflow of my feminine & allow her to stay centered, balanced, & ironically, free.

They have her feel cared for, seen, nourished & nurtured.

She’s had to clear old resentment away from my inner masculine to land at this place of flow & ease in routine.

But now..she lives grateful for the structure.

Freedom & full self expression live on✨

Watch the Reel HERE


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