Top 3 Ways to Break Up Scar Tissue

Sep 02, 2022

Watch HERE

Castor oil is LIFE. My mom used Vaseline like the mother used Windex in my Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I’m carrying on the torch but with something that is actually really GOOD for you on so many levels & for so many of your systems.

You can use it internally & externally. For scar tissue, fascia work, hydration, bowel movements, lube, infections, mastitis, hair growth..the list goes on.

I created a FREE Castor Oil guide for you 🥰
✔️what is it
✔️how to use it
✔️where to use
✔️what to use it for

I have coupon codes for the pack you see in the video & extra details on using it internally - like with a tampon 🤯

…mamas who have scar tissue from birth, painful sex, infections, etc.

*DM me for the guide link!*

Thank you to @ellenheed & my mentor for the support with this & the scar tissue from my hip & knee surgery!

And huge thanks to @queenofthethrones for making packs EASY, clean, & FUN to actually do.

To @ashleyblackguru for the new toys.

@ahsaunas for the best home set up!

#scartissue #fascia #bodywork #castoroil


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