I came to Ashland to learn from a master bodyworker.

Sep 19, 2022

I came to Ashland to learn from a master bodyworker.

When I find someone I resonate with, someone who’s work resonates deep in my bones…someone my body feels trust & safety with..I tend to fall right in, deep.

So I extended my trip by a whole week. On a whim. Without plan or notice.

I’m grateful for an abundant business that not only allows me to invest into my passions, personal care teams, & to support my endless thirst for knowledge in these realms..

but for a business that allows me to have *flexibility*

>> Time & financial freedom <<

That was my goal 2 years ago.

To be able to travel. Have the time/$ freedom to fill my days with movement, nature, $ex & hobbies.

To be able to love myself & the people in my life better BECAUSE of what I do & HOW I do it.

To be able to fulfill my desires, with as much ease as possible, as they arise within me, because of the path I’ve forged.

When I decided to stay,

I notified my team.

Everything from the getting the dogs cared for to personal appointments & immersions moved, car extended, flights switched - with pretty much close to the push of a button.

5 years ago me worked really hard & intentionally to get here.

Beginning of 2022 me was ecstatic I arrived.

6 months ago me decided to LIVE it fully. Without sharing on here.

I went fully into my life. My abundance & care. My personal work. And mostly, my grief - that’s a story for another time.

All of it led me here.

It always does lead me to exactly where I need to be with exactly the right people.

It feels like as the years go by, that gets truer & truer. Probably because I get Truth|er & truer.

I’m about to step into a whole new cycle. In a whole new town. In a whole new house. (😉 ) and we’re sharing again on here!

This trip has really anchored that in.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the journey. I’m really excited for this next one.


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