the size of this avocado is PROFOUND

Sep 21, 2022
See the avocado HERE
I have worked so hard my whole life to be profound.

Since being on IG, having my biz on here for a decade, and being a leader in my space…I've worked hard for everything I say to be right, profound, enough, impactful, dense, enlightening, inspiring, motivating.

I've worked hard on making sure my work is the best it can be. My practice as big & rich & juicy as possible. My graphics just right. My photos hit the mark. I update you on all the life things. The milestones. The mentors. The communities I'm a part of. My continuing ed.

…you know, all that jazz.

This last year has been an unraveling. It's been a slow down. It's been a non performative year. It's been a year of experiencing & just BEing.

I voxered my assistant today to ask her to tally up the amount of retreats I've led & the retreats I've been a part of this year. It's a LOT.

I hit HUGE milestones in my life & biz in 2022. LIKE FUCKING HUGE.

It's the stuff old me wished for. It's the stuff I know so many of you would be inspired by.

It's the stuff I SHOULD totally be sharing. Because it's the stuff that sells. It's the stuff that's desired.

It's groundbreaking.

It's the stuff I've always shared.

But instead of sharing, I've simply just experienced.

It's been kinda fun/ny to witness what I've been able to create while being off my socials & taking a long pause from the podcast. do it all pretty much behind closed doors without ‘proof’ or proving.

Doing things differently this year has felt well, different. Especially to someone who’s been a natural content creator & storyteller.

It's an interesting shift to make. if you’ve made it before, you know!

As i’ve slowly made my way back to social & a new season of @trppodcast coming your way,

I notice this part of me present. This part of me that still feels she has to be profound.

Profound enough for you to stop your scroll.
Profound enough for you to listen.
Profound enough for you to take the challenge.
To make a change.
To do it differently than you have.
To feel your love. your heart. your sex. your body.

But every time I come to write, to you, I feel wordless.

Continued in comments…
Wordless because I'm not the old version of me anymore. I am so far beyond that version of me.
And this version of me knows that I don't have to be profound.
I also don’t have to be..anything.
My profundity just is
My wealth just is
My radiance just is
This version of me knows that you’ll listen when you’re ready.
you’ll make the move, when you’re ready.
you’ll make a new choice, when you’re ready.
I may be a catalyst, a permission giver, a model of what’s possible…
But you, at the end of the day, are your own change maker, your own guide, your own truth.
So today, I am here. in this way. to share this profundity piece…
Because, because :)
And, because, i know so many of you hold yourself to the same standard of profundity.
May you release the pressures of profundity.
And perhaps instead - if you want too :) - feel the profundity of your sheer existence.
your utter beauty.
your innate, embodied intelligence.
your absolute, undeniable gifts.
your breathtaking movements.
your gorgeous shape.
your phenomenal laugh.
your loving presence.
& if you can’t feel it in you…
Feel it from:
the sound of the water from the stream.
the leaves changing colors as we move into autumn.
the size of this RIDICulous avocado.
Feel it in the way the grass grows.
and the flower blooms.
It’s all around you.
You are already it.

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