COSTA RICA Recap & Recs👇🏻 Part 2

Apr 27, 2021

Monli Restaurant
Soda Mirna
Chile rojo
Cocles beach - literal black & gold sand

After, I headed back to MA for another solo week before Paul got there & met @sketchesbysavs <3

@falafel_bar (get their chocolate balls & dip them in cashew dulce de leche butter from Super Joseth up the block)
@cafeaguaazul is mouth watering
@elavionrestaurant has delicious breakfast
@manuelantoniofitness was pricey but I’ll pay for dumbbells
The organic grocery store& man was the best.

We also went to:

Go to @fuegobrewco for FOOD, @danyasa_yoga_retreat for yoga clothes.

Waterfalls are amazing
Please use alcohol after you waterfall jump my ear is still messed up:)

Paul & I then went north to Monteverde.

It is cold(er). It’s a cute mountain town with family/couple vibes I feel! @restaurante_celajes
food at @hotelbelmar was perfect & romantic.

This was the best @selina location I went to in terms of room size, kitchen, cleanliness, etc. Didn’t use their co-working space.

We did Extremo Tours & did the full tour including bungee jumping. WILD.

We also did the hanging bridges which was so incredibly dreamlike. Highly recommend eating some mushies before you go :)

La fortuna was our last stop.

We stayed at @tabaconresort. It was a literal honeymoon.

Only spot with natural hot springs. 5 star resort. Service was beyond.

Springs were luxurious & lush. Buffet was a dream come true. Creme brûlée was creme de la creme. We felt like royalty.

And Arenal was in our backyard as pictured.

It. Was. Epic.

We pretty much stayed at @tabaconresort the whole time other than hiking because well, @tabaconresort.

But, we ate at Red Frog Cafe from a recommendation.

Have you been to any of these spots?!? What’s been your favorite Costa place?



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