The more we speak our truth, the deeper we know it

Apr 15, 2021


Although our truth can change, when we’re safe & grounded in our bodies, there’s a deep knowing that lives there.

In the times I’ve hidden from my truth,
it has shown up in my system.

A knot in my stomach
A weight on my chest
A tightness in my throat


A hell of a lot of manifestations I didn’t (directly) ask for.

…but they were just a byproduct of my wishy washy signals!

And at the end of it, my body was exhausted & confused.

Here are a few of my favorite tips to get out of people pleasing behavior & back into alignment:

1 Speak your truth & speak it loudly.
2 Practice speaking your truths to people & communities that are SAFE & SUPPORTIVE.
3 Notice when / where / with who, you want to bend.
4 Stay curious - Why? What is it about that place? That person? That thing? That makes you want to go against your truth?
*approach this with childlike curiosity & leave the judgements at the door*
5 Try asking: What comes in your body when you stand in your authenticity? What are you fearful of if you speak what’s real for you? (rejection, abandonment, betrayal)
6 Stay plugged into the high sensations that come with being unapologetically you.
7 Remind yourself that you’re safe in your truth. And your truth is deserving of a voice.

What helps you stand in your truth?


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