Before I found somatics, I was LIVING life outside of my body.

Apr 15, 2021

I was watching my life like I would a movie…

from the audience,
rather than from the character’s perspective.

I didn’t even know something was off until I was in a reiki session & she said,

“Look down & see your feet moving.”

At that point, I was already so outside my body that I was seeing things from a bird’s eye view, never truly experiencing life from my own two eyes.

My mind was BUSY.

I was always up inside my head; thinking constantly, overanalyzing, worried about other people & what they thought about me.

I had unexplainable back & hip pain. I’d wake up in the middle of the night unable to take deep breaths.

My hips were always filled with tightness & tension. And when I had s3x, they would lock up on me.

Somatics, reclaiming my s3xuality, & healing my relationship to my inner masculine x feminine,

changed the way I showed up in the world, my relationships, my business, & most importantly - the way I feel in my body.

My hip & back pain went away.

My worries about other people’s opinions dissolved.

My overanalyzing & constant second guessing was no longer a thing.

My income TRIPLED.

My body was finally safe again & I could live there.

I cleared the trauma from my tissue.

& instead of attracting the same abusive partners in relationship, I found real unconditional love.

First with my Self - all of messy, emotional, sensitive, wild, ‘unacceptable’ behaviors, desires & cravings.

And then, with my lovers & friends.

We are meant to live in our bodies.

They are SAFE places.

Come home to yourSelf & your erotic nature to really feel what this life is all about.

Want to learn more about working together? DM me ‘EMBODIED’ & I’ll send you the info. I have 2 1:1 somatic spots open.


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