COSTA RICA RECAP! (Recommendations)👇🏻 Part 1

Apr 27, 2021

Save this for your travel plans!

I went to Costa Rica for a 6 week excursion. Below I’ll share my fav spots, foods, tips & snacks ;)

@soltarahealingcenter - did their 7 day retreat (4 Aya ceremonies). LOVED everything about it. Food, service, facilitators, experience, amenities, room, (check IGTV for more details)

After, I went straight down to Montezuma (thank you @iamtaylorsimpson for the planning help!)

I stayed at @anamayaresort & it was BEYOND gorgeous. Two incredible yoga decks looking over the water & the food x service was impeccable. V much considering hosting retreats there :) They also have private access to the waterfall.

I met a lovely local (@freedomseeeker) who showed me around Santa Teresa via motorbike! SUPER cute. Amazing shops & cafes. Big night life if you’re into that. I intend to go back & stay longer.

I then took a taxi boat to Jaco & made my way to Manual Antonio where I started my month stay with @selina. They have a co-live package where you get to use their co-working space.

Manual Antonio was a big time favorite. I love walking, especially hills, especially in 80+ degree weather. It’s the beach & jungle in one. National Forest right there. Monkeys & sloths.

@justpoiandme was a great @selina host.

Their views are bomb, food was so delish, they have kettlebells (you know I liked that :)), & pools are good good. Tico Salad & curry at @selina was the best & they have so many classes including pole fitness. Co-working there was beautiful.

Next, I snagged @shiningcrazydiamond from the airport & went Caribbean in Puerto Viejo.

Honestly didn’t lurrrvvv it. It was rainy, a lot. I’ve been sober since Feb so although 

I love me some ganj, I wasn’t about the vibes. It felt very young, party town, & they didn’t have hummus :)

But in all honesty, PV really was great. I just liked MA more & I was also salty about the rain.

PV food was THE BEST. Fr fr fr. Please find & buy all cacao beans in all flavors.

Bicycles are handy. We went paddle boarding on the reef. Saw sloths way more than anywhere else. Shopping was AMAZE. Seriously got a whole new flowly summer wardrobe.


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