Apr 27, 2021


For this life I’ve created,
when just 3 years ago I was at a rock bottom

Healing from an intentional pregnancy that came from an abusive relationship
Finally finding freedom after years of substance abuse, eating disorders, & body dysmorphia
Dismantling internal family systems as I dove deep into my childhood abuse x trauma
Unraveling the pattern of toxic relationships & decoupling love from abuse
Building a sustainable online business by turning my pain into purpose
Coming home to my body through somatics
Feeling sexual liberation for the first time & reclaiming my full feminine expression


For the obstacles, challenges, failures, hurt, pain & hardness along the way


For the abundance, financial freedom, successful business, loving community, incredible partner, hysterical cuddly puppies, travel, & new experiences


For my body, my heart, my soul, my mind


For you, this community, my healers/ mentors/ guides, & everyone that has been on this path with me


Thank you <3

Every single one of you means so incredibly much to me. I wouldn’t be who & where I am today without you.

Thank you.

Tell me something you’re grateful for below…

[Images: The green lagoon at the top of Cerro Chato Volcano in La Fortuna. It was amazing. We were in a cloud & it cleared when we made it to the lagoon. Eerie & beautiful & lush & rainforesty.]


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