On the same morning of my explant surgery, I said goodbye to my partner of 2.5 years.

Sep 14, 2023


..after making the choice for our future family & the desire to feel our love without silicone in between us.

In what felt like a split second, I lost a love of my life, 9 years with implants, & took on 3 dogs + solo ownership of @venusvalleyboulder

(all while my biz IG was deactivated for 4 months🫠)

While some young parts got loud with fear & doubt & questions of ‘CAN I FVCKING DO THIS?!’

I knew deep down…

*I was made for this*

The choice became mine…
The path became clear…

And the deeper dharma, activated.

Whatever hurdles or hardships are before you, you were made for.

You are the diamond 💎
This is the crystallization.

Keep believing.
Keep putting one step in front of the other.

And before you know it, you’ll be in Truth.

(Edit: PSA: friends, I am so GOOD. This post is about making the impossible possible. Dreaming beyond the dream. Anchoring into your own truth. Every part of this has been just as beautiful as it’s been hard. And we parted with a lot of love ♥️)

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