The three phases I lead my clients through for their biggest baddest results

Sep 18, 2023

WATCH HERE can lead yourself through this, too!

These 3 phases

are executed in *every* domain & area of their lives

…whether it’s improving digestion, calling in a partner, or manifesting big wealth.

⭐️Assess: Detoxification / Excavation
This is about taking inventory & clearing, cleaning out the old.
📓What’s been your relationship to x? What have you believed about x?

⭐️Define: What’s here now?
(This is about locating them in this now moment & getting really clear on what’s showing up + what’s being asked of them.)
📓What’s your current relationship to x? What do you believe about x?

⭐️Create: Desires / Manifestation
This is when it really starts to get fun! This is the creational phase, full of magic & possibility.
📓What do you want your relationship to x to be like? Feel like? What you do you need to believe about x for this to be true?

I’ve found this to create the most life changing results, with lasting impact.

Drop me a comment if this has you thinking about frameworks in your biz

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