Out of the t!t matrix

Sep 19, 2023


In this episode Julianne shares her personal breast explant journey and provides her listeners with a deeper understanding of why she decided to do the surgery. Join her as she explores her profound physical and emotional transformations, self-discovery, and healing that arose from this transformative experience. Her story serves as an inspiring reminder that our bodies and choices are deeply intertwined with our pursuit of authenticity and pleasure.

Key Topics:
Embodying Truth
The Healing Alchemy
Freedom Through Authenticity


5:26 Post-explant experiences

6:04 Breast implants and body image

10:41 The type of men attracted

16:39 Intimidation and body image

19:33 Energetic impact of breast implants

23:06 Anger and self-reflection

30:07 Trauma lives in the body

30:46 Body posture and muscle tension

34:25 Implants and body transformation

38:40 Intimacy and self-discovery


“When I finally made the choice, I remember saying to somebody, my implants were the thing that once helped me feel my femininity, and now they’re the thing that inhibits me.”

“We have chased perfection. We’ve chased perfection in every area and every domain. And once we’ve moved past the illusion of perfection, I know we have found our way home to our truth and our hearts.”

“And now I’m receiving all of the love in truth and there’s no filter, there’s no illusion. Like it’s just me, it’s just for me. It’s just because of me. It’s just my essence, right? Like anything that comes into my life is because I’m authentically me now. And that has just cracked my heart open.”

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