Coffee Enema Party!

Sep 15, 2023


If you want more freedom in your body - moving the stuck, dense energy needs to happen in EVERY domain of health.

So much of my work is about excavation & clearing out the past…

Enemas are JUST as important as getting on my/a table for an emotional release. Or doing a psychedelic journey.

Your gut is your second brain.

Responsible for 70% of your immune health.

It IS the controller for your MOOD - your neurotransmitters & cognitive function.

🎙️In the latest @trppodcast ep with my 6 mo client who’s also joining IN THE FLESH Facilitator Training - we talked about the value of working with a practitioner who actually plays with the WHOLE health of you.

I truly believe this is why my work is so transformative & how my clients make such HUGE LEAPS.

I don’t have magic powers.

I just REALLY know the body after 13 years of doing this work.

And more than anything, I want you to have the same map & keys.

We all deserve body freedom.

☕️ my *Coffee Enema Guide* has officially launched! It’s $25 with step by step instructions, photos, how to set up, cleaning, which products to buy with amazon links & more. 🚨 AND - It’s the first time I’m doing continuing ed. Meaning, I will continue to pour more resources into this for you at no extra cost. Videos & q/a to come!

Comment ‘COFFEE’ & I’ll send you the links ♥️ Also check out my story/highlights.

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