5 things I notice most, post explant surgery

Sep 16, 2023


5 Things I Notice Most Post Explant Surgery

☀️ 1 No muscle tension or tightness - scalenes, pecs & psoas

I was in the car & put my right arm behind the passenger seat like I was gonna do an old school parallel park just to see how the stretch felt (usually v tight) & I felt ZERO stretch.

☀️ 2 Improved posture / I know where my body should be in space. Clear center of gravity.

This was really affecting me & wasn’t aware until the year before surgery. Constantly trying to fix my posture & adjust myself because something didn’t real right.

☀️ 3 Psychic abilities / listening + hearing has increased.

I feel like I think something..& then it appears. Be it a text from a person I was dreaming of or a diff synchronicity.

☀️ 4 Clean circuitry with men. UGH such sweetness now. I’m no longer shooting bullets out my nipples when someone looks at me. I’m all me. The armor is off & so is the illusion.

☀️ 5 Hugs are everything 🥹

Number 4 needs a lot more mic time 🎤 I’ve got a lot to say about this piece. And so does 1 & 2.

Happy Friday, lovers ♥️

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