making matrix defying decisions ... through pu$$y's nonsensical pleasure compass

Dec 06, 2021

making matrix defying decisions ... through pu$$y's nonsensical pleasure compass... is where your *freedom & love * lives

make choices that feel equally as thrilling as they are terrifying

follow the path that feels dangerous ... the one your ego says 'you're not allowed to walk'

that's where you really want to be.

that's where your turn on & power lives.

step out of the cage & recognize you are *just as fucking fire* as the rest of them.

you have it in you.

why NOT you?

this is your moment to go above & beyond for *yourSelf*

"everything is figureoutable* when you stand in your power & belief

🚨LAST CALL to jump into IN THE FLESH! & here’s why i want you there for THIS round👇🏻

we won’t be enrolling for another 12 months & i know you’re ready *now*…even though it might not feel like it to you 🐆

that’s kinda the whole point 😉

these words were inspired by…& taken from…an enrollment call with the Goddess that just filled spot #8️⃣ for IN THE FLESH!

…which means we are FULL!!! 🥂🍾


we have the CAPACITY for 🔟

soooo…..if you REALLY want this…

& you’re really ready to commit to your next level + pile of GOLD you’re sitting on 🤑

we start FRIDAY💃🏼

i know how bad you want this…& i know how much of a stretch this will be for you

*it’s a big fucking deal*

& i’m honored you want to take this journey with me

in the words of this babe…

“i don’t want to be the self sacrificing archetype anymore. the more i feed myself the better i feed them.”

“this is me going above & beyond for myself. i’m looking right at the thing that i want & no one is going to give it to me but me.”

let’s go Queen 👑

time to come out of the Power closet.
you’re a bad bitch & you know it.

dm me now to chat
i want to show you the way 


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