how to ask for what you want

Dec 11, 2021

watch HERE

day 2 of IN THE FLESH & i’m so utterly blown away by the potency of this group πŸ”₯ the vulnerability, power, connection, heart, mama bear nurturing energy is next level

i am so fucking grateful for this creation & for the women inside who trusted me + this journey. i don’t take it lightly.

i cannot wait to take you deeper into yourself…into sisterhood.

& i really can’t wait to get naked with you all πŸ˜œπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ†

we have 7 women inside - there’s room for 1 more. words can’t begin to explain what you’ll get out of being IN THE FLESH

but if i had to choose 2

they would be


yesterday was container setting, community building, belonging & intention setting using the somatic tools & practices you’ll take into your coaching

today is all about $exuality & plea$ure & i have a REALLY FUN surprise for them

tomorrow is somatic theory, trauma, healing, consent

you can still join us & we will welcome you in like a long lost sister….bc that’s just what you are 😽 message me to chat πŸ’›


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