POV: you're human but you also have an animal body

Dec 14, 2021

the way to more FREEDOM in your heart, body & $ex….is through your animal

most women *bypass their anger & go straight into sadness*

because after grade school, temper tantrums become unfamiliar & unpracticed

…society has taught us to be ‘better than’ that emotion

when really…it’s P O W E R in raw form

ladies inside IN THE FLESH witnessed this in one another this past weekend

it was so incredibly beautiful…

to see one woman give permission to the next…& the next…& the next

sisters in circle, egging each other on
to get:
& more visceral

might be one my favorite things in this world

if you’re feeling like you wish you jumped in, we have space for ONE more…message me ASAP to get into this round - we would lovee to have you 💕

Watch IG reel HERE


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