a sauna story about that time i was so scared by the growth before me…

Dec 08, 2021

almost said ‘no’ to the thing that helped me create a multiple 6fig launch

a sauna story about that time i was so scared by the growth before me…

watch HERE

i knew she wasn’t going to entertain my bullshit stories & that freaked me the fuck out 🙈

i knew this mf queen was gonna make me put out offers that made me feel so uncomfortable 😹

i also knew that making another 5 figure investment like that was going to put me in a position where i HADDDRD to do something bigger

fast forward…

i had a multiple 6 figure launch
& now there’s a community of women that didn’t exist before

…a group that i get to teach my methodology to & support them in coming into their pu$$y power

this can be you with your very own version of wealth x abundance

i am not different

i just leaned into my fears + excitement

& have continued over & over & over again

there’s a spot left for IN THE FLESH & it’s got your name written all over it


choose it enough
& it WILL happen

that’s how the field works

message me now sister
we start in 2 days!!!!!

#fempreneurship #fempreneur #pleasurepositive

p.s. if my content makes you feel all wet & juicy…my ask is for you to share it! i keep getting messages about how my posts don’t show/ im not searchable bc im shadowbanned 😽


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