headmistress here …to remind you of your infinite power & absolute beauty

Dec 13, 2021

headmistress here 

…to remind you of your infinite power & absolute beauty

» Y O U are the G I F T «

i’m riding such a high from the first weekend of IN THE FLESH

there were so many special moments🙏🏼

but the ones that stand out the most,
were when they…

reconnected to their WILD animal bodies
& growled at the shadows 🐆

when she ripped his hands, from many years ago, off of her neck & remembered her power & choice

when she claimed her new identity & joyously danced in it with her kids

when she unapologetically started asking for what she wants…a good fucking spanking & nights of wax + bondage⛓🕯

when she reveled in her beauty & claimed worship for her body…breasts…belly…& booty 👑

when she showed us her shame & it cracked open her (our) heart(s)

when she told us to spread our legs, pet our inner thigh, & moan in pleasure 💦

when we laughed like little girls
when we danced like free spirits
when we loved like there were no sister wounds


thank you for co-creating this with me🥂

we do have 1 spot open for the claiming
& it’ll be one lucky sister who fills it

if you’re looking to reclaim pu$$y & transform your relationship to your body x pleasure…while learning how to facilitate this change for others…

i’d love to give you a tasteeee of what it’s all about 💋

don’t you think that’d make it a ‘no-brainer’ decision?!

yeah, me too😽

message me ‘IN THE FLESH’ & ill give you a peek into the 10 month Mystery School


the next round won’t be for another 12 months…& you can join this group now

i promise you this will be a journey of your lifetime 💃🏼

thank you…to the priestesses inside…to TEAM JUICE 💦 @the_real_carinb @rachellaurenlove for holding it down & adding your love…to @dalenchristeen for supporting me & filling me along the way…@pd215 for being my rock, sounding board, $ex magick partner & anything else i needed in these moments 😘


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