Jan 07, 2023

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CONGRUENCE. The blocks holding you back from landing in deep truth with yourself. Perfectionism, performance..the cringe of EW no! Anything but our dreaded..dare I say it…humanity!!

I feel you 😹

I tried to hide my humanness for years. Before I realized it as the gateway to the & Goddess itself.

Sharing & showing you the blind spots that pull you out of your center. What to watch out for.

ANIMAL BODY PRACTICE starts in February🐆 8 week experience into your dark wild primal feminine

Details in the live 💫

EARLY BIRD enrollment tier - dm me for the details & link to jump in!

Payment plans are available for as low as $197/month. Message me for options.

#perfectionismrecovery #recoveringperfectionist #congruence #somaticcoach #somaticbodywork #somatichealing #healperfectionism #somaticsexology #weareallhuman


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