This might be an unpopular opinion but...

Jan 07, 2023

This might be an unpopular opinion but...

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I’ve been a somatic healer for the last 5 years & a coach for the last 12. Nothing creates change like somatic work & plants.

And somatic work IMO & E teach you that you are the medicine. They show you your divinity in your own sobriety. Which is pretty damn important when you’re not walking around on medicine all the time…

We have to integrate & learn our body. It’s really the only way. There’s no shortcuts. And no way to fool the body.

Everything is experienced in our flesh & bones first.

It is created with our own hearts & minds, CONGRUENT channels & magnified by our open, electric $€x

Somatic learning & experiencing is the new & only way.

We have to stop trying for the quick fixes while reaching for the things that distract us from our energy body.

It’s time to lean in..

CONGRUENCE - the first mini immersion of 2023 to find alignment & power in your body is happening in ONE HOUR.
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